Tax Forms

We currently have the following tax forms available at the library:

  • Federal 1040 & 1040-SR Individual Forms + Instruction Booklet
  • Federal 1040-ES Form
  • WI Form 1 + Instruction Booklet
  • WI Schedule AD + Instruction Booklet
  • WI Schedule SB + Instruction Booklet
  • WI 1NPR pages + Instruction Booklet
  • WI Schedule M Booklet + Instruction Booklet
  • WI Homestead Credit H & H-EZ Booklet
  • WI Rent Certificate

Curbside Pick Up

Looking to print additional tax forms for Curbside Pick Up? Learn how to send a mobile print request for Curbside Pick Up. You can access Wisconsin State forms here and Federal forms here. Printing comes at a cost of .15¢ per page for black & white copies and .30¢ for color copies.


In 2023, AARP will provide in-person tax preparation services in this region by online appointment only. Appointments can be made via the organization’s official website: