Silent Book Club

A woman who is wearing white shoes, blue jeans, and a yellow shirt is reclining against a blue sofa while reading a book.If you’re looking for a more flexible format of book club, join our Silent Book Club! This is where you can read the book you want, when you want. There are no deadlines, no limits to how many books you can post about, and no membership restrictions. When you’re finished with your book, just fill out this quick questionnaire telling us what you liked or disliked and whether or not you would recommend it to someone else. Books can be any genre, any length, and any format!

If you are interested in discussing what you are reading with others, you’ll be invited to our dedicated Google Chat after filling out your first questionnaire. Our librarians will select posts for display in the library, which is where you can also check out what other members are reading!

Are you in a reading rut or just not sure where to start? Be sure to browse our booklists for recommendations. Interested in setting up a book club of your own? Try our monthly DIY Book Club.

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