Oak Creek Bingo

How To Play

  1. There are two ways to submit your Bingo entry:
    • Print out card and fill out 5 connecting activities.
    • Take photos of five connecting activities.
  2. Email entry to library@oakcreekwi.org.
  3. Ten winners will be randomly chosen every week for $20 gift cards to local Oak Creek restaurants.
  4. Bingo cards must be submitted by Friday to be entered into the week’s drawing. Winners will be randomly selected every Monday. Bingo cards can be submitted through the duration of the promotion. Game runs 4/20 – 5/22.
  5. One entry per household, per week.

Bingo Card – Week 1

Bingo Card – Week 2

Bingo Card – Week 3

Bingo Card – Week 4

Bingo Card – Week 5