Library Cards

If you have never registered for a library card before, you can apply for a new one below.

Library Card Registration

If you already have a card and just need to renew it, you can do so below.

Library Card Renewal

Different Types of Library Cards Available

Available free of charge to any individuals who live in the city of Oak Creek or within Milwaukee County. Children of any age are eligible to get a library card; however, a guardian must be with the child at the time of sign-up. Young Adults (age 16+) are eligible to get a card without a guardian as long as they have a state-issued ID and proof of current address. Cards expire 2 years from the date of issue.

Borrowing Privileges:

  • Can borrow and reserve circulating materials owned by the Oak Creek Public Library as well as any other Milwaukee County Public Library (including City of Milwaukee libraries).


  • Can only be used by the cardholder—other members of the cardholder’s family must have their own card.

Non-resident Cards
If an individual resides outside of Milwaukee County, they may purchase a Fee Card. The Fee card costs $80.00 per year and expires one (1) year from date of issue.

The following circumstances allow out-of-county residents to apply for an Access Card, for which there is no charge:

  • Attend, or teach at, an accredited school or daycare within the City of Oak Creek;
  • Own, or work at, any business which operates in the City of Oak Creek;
  • Own property/pay property taxes in the City of Oak Creek

Borrowing Privileges:

  • Fee Cards can be used by any member of the immediate family.
  • Access Cards can only be used by the cardholder (and their parent/guardian, in the case of a minor). Other members of the Access cardholder’s family must have their own card.


  • Fee and Access Card holders can borrow and reserve materials owned by the Oak Creek Public Library only.
  • Cannot reserve materials from other libraries.
  • Cannot use the card at any other library.
  • Cannot use card to access certain online resources, such as the Hoopla or Libby apps. Please visit your home library for more information about digital services.

An application is required for a Fee or Access Card. Talk to a staff member at the 1st floor Service Desk for more information.

Minors (Under Age 16)
Patrons under age 16 must have the legal parent or guardian register them to obtain a library card. Minors must be present at time of registration. Parent/guardian(s) must meet the same eligibility requirements listed in the preceding sections. Parent/guardian(s) are not required to have their own library card in order to register a minor.

Responsibility for young people’s use of library materials rests with the legal parent/guardian(s).