Haunted House Escape Room

Super Sleuths Digital Adventures Haunted House Escape Room

Welcome to Oak Creek Library’s

Haunted House Escape Room!

This is the first “Super Sleuths Digital Adventures” online program specifically created for middle schoolers in grades 6th-8th grade.

During this adventure, you and you alone are in charge of what happens in the story. There are mysteries, clues, and dangers. You must use your intelligence to determine how this story will end. Will you escape the Haunted House or will you be cursed to live there for eternity?

Step 1

Click on this GoogleForm link.

You will need to keep this GoogleForm open while you investigate the Haunted House Escape Room.

The GoogleForm is where you will write down your answers to clues in order to move forward in the story.

If you close the GoogleForm, YOU WILL LOSE ALL PROGRESS YOU HAVE MADE, so be careful!

Step 2

You will also need to know what to look for and what each symbol means. Take a look at the symbol key below before getting started.

red exclamation mark = important information, READ THIS FIRST! yellow magnifying glass = a clue or puzzle to solve to add to the GoogleForm white up arrow = to move to the next area

Once you have completed STEPS 1 and 2 above, you may begin your adventure by clicking the picture below…

A ramshackle house on a stormy hill with stone grave markers on the front lawn