The following books are located in the Youth Services Department. Fiction titles are shelved alphabetically by the author’s last name. Non-fiction books can be found by their Dewey Decimal Number.

Superheroes - Board Books

Call NumberTitleAuthor
BB KatzSuperhero Me!Karen Katz

Superheroes - Easy Readers

Call NumbersTitleAuthor
Easy BatmanBatman versus The RiddlerDonald B. Lemke
Easy HaleThe Princess in BlackShannon Hale
Easy IronIron Man Fights BackThomas Macri
Easy KirbyCaptain Awesome to the Rescue!Stan Kirby
Easy LegoReady for Action!Victoria Taylor
Easy SpidermThe Amazing Spider-Man. Spider-Man versus The VultureSusan Hill
EASY DC_SUP SUPERMGoing BananasBenjamin Harper
Easy SupermaAlien Superman!Yale Stewart

Superheroes - Picture Books

Call NumberTitleAuthor
E ChaThe Astonishing Secret of Awesome ManMichael Chabon
PIC CoyleDo Super Heroes have Teddy Bears?Carmela LaVigna Coyle
PIC DavilaSuper Red Riding HoodClaudia Davila
PIC DelaporSuperfab Saves the DayBerengere Delaporte
PIC EscoffiThe Day I Lost My SuperpowersMichael Escoffier
PIC LegoFriends and Foes!Trey King
PIC PiluttiTen Rules of Being a SuperheroDeb Pilutti

Superheroes - J Fiction

Call NumberTitleAuthor
J AndersoSidekickedJohn David Anderson
J Batman Maximum JusticeDevan Aptekar
J IronIron Man 2: The Junior NovelAlexander Irvine
J JensenAlmost SuperMarion Jensen
J MontijoChews You DestinyRhode Montijo
J PattersPublic School SuperheroJames Patterson
J PilkeyThe Adventures of Captain Underpants: An Epic NovelDav Pilkey
J SupermaThe Real Man of SteelLaurie Sutton
J TrineDinos are ForeverGreg Trine
J UreySuper Schnoz and The Gates of SmellGary Urey
J WillisSuperCat vs. The Fry ThiefJeanne Willis