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Shapes - Board Books

Call NumberTitleAuthor
BB CARLEMy First Busy BookEric Carle
BB EVANSOParis: A Book of ShapesAshley Evanson
BB MYFMy First Look at ShapesJane Yorke
BB WEGERIFUp CloseGay Wegerif
BB YONEZUSquaresYusuke Yonezu

Shapes - Picture Books

Call NumberTitleAuthor
PIC BANKSMax's MathKate Banks
PIC BERTIERWednesdayAnne Bertier
PIC BINGHAMCircle, Square, MooseKelly L. Bingham
PIC BROCKETCircles, Stars, and Squares: Looking for ShapesJane Brocket
PIC CHERNESPick a Circle, Gather Squares: A Fall Harvest of ShapesFelicia Sanzari Chernesky
PIC EMBThe Wing on a Flea: A Book about ShapesEd Emberley
PIC FRALots of DotsCraig Frazier
PIC HESSELBShape ShiftJoyce Hesselberth
PIC HOBCubes, Cones, Cylinders, & SpheresTana Hoban
PIC KATZAll Year RoundSusan B. Katz
PIC LIGHTHave You Seen My Monster?Steve Light
PIC MACCAROThe Three Little Pigs Count to 100Grace Maccarone
PIC MAMADAWhich is Round? Which is Bigger?Mineko Mamada
PIC MCGRATHTeddy Bear CountingBarabara Barbieri McGrath
PIC MURRAYCity ShapesDiana Murray
PIC MYFMy First Look at ShapesJane Yorke
PIC OCONNELBaby PartyRebecca O'Connell
PIC SPERRINThe Shape of My HeartMark Sperring
PIC THORound is a Mooncake: A Book of ShapesRoseanne Thong
PIC THONGRound is a Tortila: A Book of ShapesRoseanne Thong
PIC TULLETI am Blop!Herve Tullet
PIC WALMouse ShapesEllen Stoll Walsh