The following books are located in the picture book section of the Youth Services Department. Titles are shelved alphabetically by author’s last name.

Counting - Board Books

Call NumberTitle
BB ANIMALAnimal 123
BB BIGGS1 2 3 Beep Beep Beep!: A Counting Book
BB BODACHTen Easter Eggs
BB BROArthur’s Valentine Countdown
BB BRYANTCountasaurus
BB DODDLERBear's Underwear Mystery: A Count-and-Find-It Adventure
BB EUBANKCount Your Blessings!: A Lift-the-Flap Book
BB FIVFive Shiny Stars
BB HILSpot Counts from 1 to 10
BB KARRTen Little Easter Eggs
BB KATCounting Christmas
BB KATCounting Kisses
BB KATDaddy Hugs
BB MYFIRSTMy First 123
BB NUMMerry Christmas, Mouse!
BB SAVAGE Seven Orange Pumpkins: A Counting Book
BB STARSeven Orange Pumpkins: A Counting Book
BB STEINBETheo's Thanksgiving
BB WALMouse Count
BB YANGA Nest in Springtime: A Bilingual Book of Numbers
BB YOONFive Silly Turkeys
BB YOOSt. Patrick's Day Countdown

Counting - Easy Readers

Call NumbersTitle
K-1 CLAThe Zoo Rap
EE LESTen Apples Up on Top!
EASY MEDEARIThe 100th Day of School
EE MITThe 100th Day of School!
EASY SADLERTen Eggs in a Nest
EE SEUOne Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish
K-1 ZIE A Dozen Dogs: A Read-and-Count Story

Counting - Picture Books

Call NumberTitle
PIC ALDArlene Alda's 1 2 3: What Do You See?
PIC ANNAnno’s Counting Book
PIC APPToddler Two-Step
PIC ARENA100 Snowmen
PIC ARMSTROTen Creepy Monsters
PIC ASHOver at the Castle
PIC BAKBig Fat Hen
PIC BAKER1-2-3 Peas
PIC BARNETTCount the Monkeys
PIC BATDeep in the Swamp
PIC BEROver in the Arctic: Where the Cold Winds Blow
PIC BEROver in Australia: Amazing Animals Down Under
PIC BEROver in the Forest: Come and Take a Peek
PIC BEROver in the Jungle: A Rainforest Rhyme
E BRI Clifford School Days Treasury
E BRI Count on Clifford
PIC BROGoodnight Moon 123: A Counting Book
PIC BROTen Seeds
PIC BROWNEOne Gorilla: A Counting Book
PIC BRUThree Friends: A Counting Book = Tres Amigos: Un Cuento para Contar
PIC BUITRAGTwo White Rabbits
PIC CAMOne for Me, One for You
PIC CAPMrs. McTats and Her Houseful of Cats
PIC CAR1, 2, 3 to the Zoo
PIC CARLet's Count it Out, Jesse Bear
PIC CAROne Red Rooster
PIC CHAOne Little Mouse
PIC CHILDAbsolutely One Thing: Featuring Charlie and Lola
E CLECounting on Frank
PIC COFWhat's Cookin'?: A Happy Birthday Counting Book
PIC COUSINSCount With Maisy, Cheep, Cheep, Cheep!
E CUY100th Day Worries
PIC DAHOne Big Building
PIC DENPigs Love Potatoes
PIC DILMother Goose Numbers on the Loose
PIC DITG is for One Gzonk: An Alpha-Number-Bet Book
PIC DODDog's Colorful Day: A Messy Story About Colors and Counting
PIC EMBTen Little Beasties
PIC FALTurtle Splash! Countdown at the Pond
PIC FLEThe First Day of Winter
E FORThis Tree Counts!
PIC FRABird Songs
PIC FREFood for Thought: The Complete Book of Concepts for Growing Minds
PIC FREOne Lonely Sea Horse
PIC GARHow Many Mice?
PIC GEHLOne Big Pair of Underwear
PIC GERZoo Day, Olé!: A Counting Book
PIC GIGEach Orange Had 8 Slices: A Counting Book
PIC GROMy Little Sister Ate One Hare
PIC HAYKindergarten Countdown
PIC HELINGTen Lucky Leprechauns
PIC HENOne Little, Two Little, Three Little Pilgrims
PIC HINMy First 123
PIC HOBLet's Count
E HORHow Many Stars in the Sky?
PIC JANELittle Elfie One
PIC HUCA Creepy Countdown
PIC KATDaddy Hugs
PIC KELGive the Dog a Bone
E KELGrandpa Gazillion's Number Yard
PIC KETTAMAAt the Old Haunted House
PIC KOLSeven Spunky Monkeys
E KONThe Twelve Days of Christmas in Wisconsin
PIC LEE20 Big Trucks in the Middle of the Street
PIC LEUOne Witch
PIC LITWINPete the Cat and His Four Groovy Buttons
PIC LOBEL10 Hungry Rabbits: Counting & Color Concepts
PIC LYNN1-2-3 Va-Va-Vroom!
PIC MACLook Whooo's Counting
PIC MACCAROThe Three Little Pigs Count to 100
PIC MARChicka Chicka 1 2 3
PIC MCGRATHTeddy Bear Counting
PIC MCMOne, Two, One Pair!
E MCNHow Many Seeds in a Pumpkin?
PIC MORUno, Dos, Tres = One, two, three
PIC MOSZin! Zin! Zin! a Violin
PIC MURRAYOne Two That’s My Shoe
PIC MYHMy Hanukkah Book of Numbers
PIC NUMWhen Sheep Sleep
PIC OXEHelen Oxenbury's Numbers of Things
PIC OXLEYThe Chicken Problem
PIC PAROne frog sang
PIC PARKERThe Deep, Deep Puddle
PIC PAROne Frog Sang
PIC PEERoll Over!: A Counting Song
PIC REE10 Turkeys in the Road
PIC REITen Puppies
PIC RILThe 12 Days of Christmas
PIC ROCWilly Can Count
E ROSThe Twelve Days of Springtime: A School Counting Book
E ROSThe Twelve Days of Winter: A School Counting Book
PIC SAVAGETen Orange Pumpkins
PIC SAYOne is a Snail, Ten is a Crab: A Counting by Feet Book
PIC SCARichard Scarry’s Best Counting Book Ever
PIC SCHTen Easter Eggs
PIC SCH10 Trick-or-Treaters: A Halloween Counting Book
PIC SCORussell the Sheep
PIC SHETen Mice for Tet
PIC SHIWombat Walkabout
PIC SINCity Lullaby
PIC SISFire Truck
PIC STIGobble-Gobble Crash!: A Barnyard Counting Bash
PIC STUTen Flashing Fireflies
PIC SURPLICGuinea Pig Party
PIC SWENSONBoom! Boom! Boom!
PIC TECKENTAnimal 1 2 3
PIC THOLittle Quack's Hide and Seek
PIC TIMThe Timbertoes 1 2 3 Counting Book
PIC TRAHaunted Party
PIC VANLIESFlight 1-2-3
PIC VELBuild a Burrito: A Counting Book in English and Spanish
E WABLyle Walks the Dogs: A Counting Book
PIC WALSo Many Bunnies: A Bedtime ABC and Counting Book
PIC WELMax Counts his Chickens
PIC WILTen Naughty Little Monkeys
E WINJosefina
PIC WOLFBaby Bear Counts One
PIC WONHide & Seek
PIC WORTeeth, Tails & Tentacles
PIC YOLAn Invitation to the Butterfly Ball: A Counting Rhyme

Counting - Non-Fiction Books

Call NumberTitle
J 468 ROSNumbers 1 2 3 = Los Numeros 1 2 3