Feature Films List

*These lists are updated regularly and are available at the library in print form as well.*

*RR – Stand for Rental Ready Copy. These copies are basically versions of films that are rushed to the presses for release. In doing so they often don’t contain as many of the extra features (interviews, voice-over commentaries, behind-the-scenes, deleted scenes, etc.).


Call Number
DVD TWETwelve Monkeys2015Action/Adventure
DVD ONE127 Hours2010Action/Adventure
THIRTE13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi2016Action/Adventure
DVD TWO2 Fast 2 Furious2003Action/Adventure
FATE_OThe Fate of the Furious2017Action/Adventure - Blu-ray
FATE_OThe Fate of the Furious2017Action/Adventure
DVD TWO2 Guns2013Action/Adventure
DVD TWE20,000 Leagues Under the Sea1954Action/Adventure
DVD TWE212008Action/Adventure
DVD TWE21 Jump Street2012Action/Adventure
DVD TWE22 Jump Street2014Action/Adventure
ARE_WEAre We There Yet?2005Comedy/Humor
DVD THR3 Days to Kill2014Action/Adventure
DVD THR3002006Action/Adventure
DVD THREE RR*300: Rise of an Empire2014Action/Adventure
DVD THR3000 Miles to Graceland2001Action/Adventure
DVD FOR47 Ronin2013Action/Adventure
FORTYS47 Meters Down2017Horror
DVD SIX6 Ways to Die2015Action/Adventure
DVD SEVENTY‘712014Action/Adventure
DANGERA Dangerous Summer/Night of the Sharks1982/1988Action/Adventure
DVD GOOA Good Day to Die Hard2013Action/Adventure
DVD KNIA Knight’s Tale2001Action/Adventure
DVD MOSTA Most Violent Year2014Action/Adventure
DVD MOSA Most Wanted Man2014Action/Adventure
RESURRThe Resurrection of Gavin Stone2016Comedy/Humor
DVD VIEWA View to A Kill1985Action/Adventure
DVD WALKA Walk in the Woods2015Action/Adventure
DVD ABDAbduction2011Action/Adventure
DVD ABRAbraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter2012Action/Adventure
DVD ABSAbsolute Power1997Action/Adventure
ACT_OFAct of Valor2012Action/Adventure
DVD AFTAfter the Sunset2004Action/Adventure
DVD AGORAAgora2009Action/Adventure
AIR_FOAir Force One1997Action/Adventure
DVD ALEAlex Cross2012Action/Adventure
DVD ALEXANDAlexander2004Action/Adventure
DVD ALLAll is Lost2013Action/Adventure
DVD AMBAmbushed2013Action/Adventure
DVD AMEAmelia2009Action/Adventure
DVD AMEAmerican Gangster2007Action/Adventure
AMERICAmerican Heist2014Action/Adventure
DVD AMERICA RR*American Sniper2014Action/Adventure
DVD ANTMANAnt-Man2015Action/Adventure
APOCALApocalypse Now: The Complete Dossier: Apocalypse Now/Apocalypse Now: Redux1979/(2001)Action/Adventure
DVD APOApocalypse Now: Redux1979Action/Adventure
DVD APOApocalypto2006Action/Adventure
DVD APOApollo 131995Action/Adventure
APOLLOApollo 131995Action/Adventure - Blu-ray
DVD ARMArmageddon1998Action/Adventure
DVD ARMArmored2009Action/Adventure
DVD ARMArmy of One1993Action/Adventure
ASSASSAssassin’s Creed2016Action/Adventure
ASSAULAssault on Precinct 132005Action/Adventure
DVD ATTAttack the Block2011Action/Adventure
DVD AUSAustralia2008Action/Adventure
BEGUILThe Beguiled2017Drama - Blu-ray
BEGUILThe Beguiled2017Drama
DVD AVENGERAvengers: Age of Ultron2015Action/Adventure
DVD BABBabel2006Action/Adventure
DVD BACBack to the Future1985Action/Adventure
DVD BACBack to the Future Trilogy1985/1989/ 1990Action/Adventure
DVD BACBackdraft1991Action/Adventure
DVD BADBad Boys1995Action/Adventure
DVD BADBad Boys/Bad Boys II1995/2003Action/Adventure
BAD_BO 2Bad Boys II2003Action/Adventure
DVD BADBad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans2009Action/Adventure
DVD BANBangkok Dangerous2008Action/Adventure
DVD BATMANBatman1989Action/Adventure
BATMANBatman Begins2005Action/Adventure
DVD BATMANBatman Forever/Batman & Robin1995/1997Action/Adventure
DVD BATMANBatman Returns1992Action/Adventure
BATMANBatman v Superman: Dawn of Justice2016Action/Adventure
DVD BATTLESBattleship2012Action/Adventure
BEHINDBehind Enemy Lines/The Thin Red Line2001/1998Action/Adventure
DVD BEYONDBeyond the Mask2015Action/Adventure
DVD BEYONDBeyond the Trophy2012Action/Adventure
DVD BIGBig Game2014Action/Adventure
DVD BIGBig Trouble in Little China1986Action/Adventure
BIKERBiker Boyz2003Action/Adventure
DVD BILBilly Jack1971Action/Adventure
DVD BLABlack Hawk Down2001Action/Adventure
DVD BLACKBlack Sea2014Action/Adventure
DVD BLACKHABlackhat2015Action/Adventure
DVD BLABlade1998Action/Adventure
DVD BLA IIBlade II2002Action/Adventure
DVD BLABlade Trinity2004Action/Adventure
DVD BLOBlood Diamond2006Action/Adventure
BLOODBlood Father2016Action/Adventure
DVD BLOBlood Work2002Action/Adventure
DVD BLOODRABloodrayne2005Action/Adventure
DVD BLOODRA 2Bloodrayne 2: Deliverance2007Action/Adventure
DVD BODBody of Lies2008Action/Adventure
BOONDOThe Boondock Saints1999Action/Adventure
DVD BREBreach2007Action/Adventure
DVD BRIBrick Mansions2014Action/Adventure
DVD BRUCEBruce Lee Double Feature: A Warrior’s Journey/In Pursuit of the Dragon2000/2010Action/Adventure
CAPTAICaptain America: Civil War2016Action/Adventure
DVD CAPCaptain America: The First Avenger2011Action/Adventure
DVD CAPCaptain America: The Winter Soldier2014Action/Adventure
DVD CAPCaptain Phillips2013Action/Adventure
DVD CASCasino Royale2006Action/Adventure
DVD CASTCast Away2000Action/Adventure
DVD CATCatwoman2004Action/Adventure
DVD CHAPPIEChappie2015Action/Adventure
DVD CHACharlie’s Angels2000Action/Adventure
DVD CHACharlie’s Angels: Full Throttle2003Action/Adventure
DVD CHRChronicle2012Action/Adventure
DVD CLAClash of the Titans1981Action/Adventure
DVD CLAClash of the Titans2010Action/Adventure
DVD COLCold in July2014Action/Adventure
DVD COLCollateral Damage2002Action/Adventure
DVD COLColombiana2011Action/Adventure
DVD CONConan: The Barbarian2011Action/Adventure
DVD CONContraband2012Action/Adventure
DVD CONTROLControl2004Action/Adventure
DVD COPCop Out2010Action/Adventure
DVD CORCoriolanus2011Action/Adventure
DVD CRACrank2006Action/Adventure
CRANK 2Crank 2: High Voltage2009Action/Adventure
DVD CROUCHICrouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon2000Action/Adventure
DVD CRYCrystal Fairy & The Magical Cactus2013Action/Adventure
DVD CURCurse of the Golden Flower2006Action/Adventure
DVD DANDances With Wolves1990Action/Adventure
DANTESDante’s Peak1997Action/Adventure
DVD DARDarkman1990Action/Adventure
DVD DAYDays of Thunder1990Action/Adventure
DVD DEADead Man Down2013Action/Adventure
DVD DEADPOODeadpool2016Action/Adventure
DVD DEADeath Race2008Action/Adventure
DEEPWADeepwater Horizon2016Action/Adventure
DVD DEFDefiance2008Action/Adventure
DVD DEJDéjà vu2006Action/Adventure
DVD DESDesperado1995Action/Adventure
DVD DIEDie Another Day2002Action/Adventure
DVD DIEDie Hard1988Action/Adventure
DVD DIE 2Die Hard 2: Die Harder1990Action/Adventure
DVD DIEDie Hard With a Vengeance1995Action/Adventure
DVD DIRTYDirty Harry1971Action/Adventure
DOCTORDoctor Strange2016Action/Adventure
DVD DOGDog Jack2010Action/Adventure
DVD DR NODr. No1962Action/Adventure
DVD DRADragonball Evolution2009Action/Adventure
DVD DRADragonheart1996Action/Adventure
DVD DRIDrive Angry2011Action/Adventure
DVD EAGEagle Eye2008Action/Adventure
DVD EDGEEdge of Tomorrow2014Action/Adventure
DVD ELEElektra2005Action/Adventure
DVD ELYElysium2013Action/Adventure
DVD ENDEnd of Watch2012Action/Adventure
DVD ENEEnemy2013Action/Adventure
DVD ENEEnemy of the State1998Action/Adventure
DVD ENTEREnter the Dragon1973Action/Adventure
DVD ENTRAPMEntrapment1999Action/Adventure
DVD ERAEraser1996Action/Adventure
DVD ESCEscape Plan2013Action/Adventure
DVD EVERESTEverest2015Action/Adventure
DVD EXODUSExodus: Gods and Kings2014Action/Adventure
EXTREMExtreme Ops2002Action/Adventure
DVD FAIRFair Game1995Action/Adventure
FANTASFantastic 42005Action/Adventure
DVD FANTASTFantastic 42015Action/Adventure
FANTASFantastic 4: Rise of the Silver Surfer2007Action/Adventure
FANTAS RR*Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them2016Action/Adventure
DVD FARFar and Away1992Action/Adventure
DVD FASFast & Furious2009Action/Adventure
DVD FASTFast Five2011Action/Adventure
DVD FASFaster2010Action/Adventure
FINALFinal Payback2001Action/Adventure
DVD FIREFire With Fire2012Action/Adventure
DVD FIRFirewall2006Action/Adventure
FIRSTFirst Blood1982Action/Adventure
DVD FIRFirst Strike1996Action/Adventure
DVD FLAGSFlags of Our Fathers2006Action/Adventure
DVD FLAWLESFlawless2007Action/Adventure
DVD FLIGHTFlight of the Phoenix2004Action/Adventure
DVD FLIFlightplan2005Action/Adventure
DVD FLYFlyboys2006Action/Adventure
FOOLSFool’s Gold2008Action/Adventure
DVD FORFor Greater Glory: The True Story of Cristiada2012Action/Adventure
DVD FORFor Your Eyes Only1981Action/Adventure
DVD FORForce of Execution2013Action/Adventure
DVD FORFormula 512001Action/Adventure
DVD FOUFour Brothers2005Action/Adventure
FREE_SFree State of Jones2016Action/Adventure
DVD FREFreelancers2012Action/Adventure
DVD FREFreezer2014Action/Adventure
DVD FROFrom Paris With Love2010Action/Adventure
DVD FURIOUSFurious 72015Action/Adventure
DVD FURFury2014Action/Adventure
G_I_JAG.I. Jane1997Action/Adventure
DVD GI JOEG.I. Joe: Retaliation2013Action/Adventure
DVD GI JOEG.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra2009Action/Adventure
DVD GAMGame of Death2010Action/Adventure
DVD GAMGamer2009Action/Adventure
DVD GANGSTE RR*Gangster Squad2013Action/Adventure
DVD GETGet Carter2000Action/Adventure
DVD GETGet the Gringo2012Action/Adventure
DVD GETAWAY RR*Getaway2013Action/Adventure
DVD GHOSTGhost Rider Collection: Ghost Rider/Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance2007/2011Action/Adventure
DVD GHOGhosts of Mars2001Action/Adventure
DVD GLAGladiator2000Action/Adventure
GODS_OGods of Egypt2016Action/Adventure
DVD GOD RR*Godzilla2014Action/Adventure
DVD GONGone Baby Gone2007Action/Adventure
DVD GONGone in 60 Seconds2000Action/Adventure
DVD GOODGood Kill2014Action/Adventure
DVD GRAGray Lady Down1978Action/Adventure
DVD GREGreen Lantern2011Action/Adventure
DVD GUAGuardians of the Galaxy2014Action/Adventure
GUARDI 2Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 22017Action/Adventure
GUARDI 2Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 22017Action/Adventure - Blu-ray
DVD HACKERSHackers1995Action/Adventure
DVD HALHalf Past Dead2002Action/Adventure
DVD HANCOCKHancock2008Action/Adventure
DVD HANGMENHangmen1987Action/Adventure
DVD HANHanna2011Action/Adventure
DVD HANHansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters2013Action/Adventure
HARDCOHardcore Henry2015Action/Adventure
BOOK_OThe Book of Henry2017Drama
DVD HARHarry Brown2009Action/Adventure
DVD HARHarry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 12010Action/Adventure
DVD HARRY 2 RR*Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 22011Action/Adventure
DVD HARHarry Potter and the Goblet of Fire2005Action/Adventure
HARRYHarry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix2007Action/Adventure
DVD HARHarsh Times2005Action/Adventure
DVD HARHart’s War2002Action/Adventure
DVD HAYHaywire2011Action/Adventure
DVD HEIHeist2001Action/Adventure
DVD HEISTHeist2015Action/Adventure
DVD HELLHell Ride2008Action/Adventure
DVD HENHenry V1989Action/Adventure
DVD HERHercules2014Action/Adventure
DVD HERHercules/Hercules Unchained1958/1959Action/Adventure
DVD HIGHighlander1986Action/Adventure
DVD HIGHLAN 2Highlander 2: The Quickening1991Action/Adventure
DVD HINHindenburg: The Last Flight2013Action/Adventure
DVD HITMANHitman: Agent 472015Action/Adventure
DVD HOLHollywood Homicide2003Action/Adventure
DVD HOMHomefront2013Action/Adventure
DVD HOSHostage2005Action/Adventure
DVD HOTHot Fuzz2007Action/Adventure
DVD HOT RR*Hot Pursuit2015Action/Adventure
DVD HUDSONHudson Hawk1991Action/Adventure
DVD I DECLAREI Declare War2012Action/Adventure
DVD IN THEIn the Heart of the Sea2015Action/Adventure
IN_THEIn the Name of the King: A Dungeon Siege Tale2007Action/Adventure
DVD IN TIMEIn Time2011Action/Adventure
DVD INCInception2010Action/Adventure
DVD INDIndiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull2008Action/Adventure
INDIANIndiana Jones and the Last Crusade1989Action/Adventure
INDIANIndiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark1981Action/Adventure
INDIANIndiana Jones and the Temple of Doom1984Action/Adventure
DVD INGInglourious Basterds2009Action/Adventure
DVD INNInnerspace1987Action/Adventure
DVD INSInside Man2006Action/Adventure
DVD INTERSTInterstellar2014Action/Adventure
DVD INT RR*Into the Storm2014Action/Adventure
DVD INTInto the Wild2007Action/Adventure
DVD IROIron Man2008Action/Adventure
IRON_M 2Iron Man 22010Action/Adventure
DVD IRON 3Iron Man 32013Action/Adventure
DVD ISPI-Spy2002Action/Adventure
DVD JACJack Reacher2012Action/Adventure
JACK_RJack Reacher: Never Go Back2016Action/Adventure
DVD JACJack Ryan: Shadow Recruit2014Action/Adventure
DVD JACK RR*Jack the Giant Slayer2013Action/Adventure
JASONJason Bourne2016Action/Adventure
DVD JOAJoan of Arc1999Action/Adventure
DVD JOHJohn Carter2012Action/Adventure
DVD JOHJohn Wick2014Action/Adventure
JOHN_WJohn Wick: Chapter 22017Action/Adventure - Blu-ray
JOHN_WJohn Wick: Chapter 22017Action/Adventure
DVD JONJonah Hex2010Action/Adventure
DVD JUPITERJupiter Ascending2015Action/Adventure
DVD JURJurassic Park1993Action/Adventure
DVD JURASSIJurassic Park Collection: Jurassic Park/The Lost World: Jurassic Park/Jurassic Park III1993/1997/ 2001Action/Adventure
DVD JURASSI IIIJurassic Park III2001Action/Adventure
DVD JURASSIJurassic World2015Action/Adventure
DVD KNINETEK-19: The Widowmaker2002Action/Adventure
KELLYSKelly’s Heroes1970Action/Adventure
DVD KHAKhartoum1966Action/Adventure
DVD KICKick-Ass2010Action/Adventure
DVD KICKASS 2Kick-Ass 22013Action/Adventure
DVD KIDNAPPKidnapping Mr. Heineken2015Action/Adventure
DVD KILL 1Kill Bill: Volume 12003Action/Adventure
DVD KILL 2Kill Bill: Volume 22004Action/Adventure
DVD KILKiller Elite2011Action/Adventure
DVD KILKilling Season2013Action/Adventure
DVD KILKilling Them Softly2012Action/Adventure
DVD KINKing Arthur2004Action/Adventure
KING_A RR*King Arthur: Legend of the Sword2017Action/Adventure
KING_AKing Arthur: Legend of the Sword2017Action/Adventure - Blu-ray
DVD KINKing Kong1933Action/Adventure
DVD KINKing Kong2005Action/Adventure
DVD KINKing Kong Escapes1967Action/Adventure
DVD KINKing Kong vs. Godzilla1962Action/Adventure
DVD KINKingdom of Heaven2005Action/Adventure
DVD KINGSMAKingsman: The Secret Service2014Action/Adventure
KISS_OKiss of the Dragon2001Action/Adventure
KNIGHTKnight and Day2010Action/Adventure
DVD KUNKung Fu Hustle2004Action/Adventure
DVD LADLadyhawke1985Action/Adventure
DVD LANLand of the Lost2009Action/Adventure
DVD LARLara Croft: Tomb Raider2001Action/Adventure
DVD LARALara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life2003Action/Adventure
DVD LASTLast Knights2015Action/Adventure
DVD LASLast Man Standing2011Action/Adventure
DVD LAWLawless2012Action/Adventure
DVD LAWLawrence of Arabia1962Action/Adventure
DVD LEFLeft Behind2000Action/Adventure
DVD LEFLeft Behind2014Action/Adventure
DVD LEFTLeft Behind: World at War2005Action/Adventure
DVD LEFT IILeft Behind II: Tribulation Force2002Action/Adventure
CRADLECradle 2 the Grave2003Action/Adventure
HURRICThe Hurricane1999Drama
DVD LEGLegion2010Action/Adventure
DVD LETHAL 3Lethal Weapon 31992Action/Adventure
DVD LIFLife of Pi2012Action/Adventure
DVD LIMLimitless2011Action/Adventure
DVD LIVLive Free or Die Hard2007Action/Adventure
LONDONLondon Has Fallen2016Action/Adventure
DVD LONLone Survivor2013Action/Adventure
DVD LOOLooper2012Action/Adventure
DVD LORLord of War2005Action/Adventure
DVD LUCLucky # Slevin2006Action/Adventure
DVD LUCYLucy2014Action/Adventure
DVD MACMachete2010Action/Adventure
DVD MACMachete Kills2013Action/Adventure
DVD MACMachine Gun Preacher2011Action/Adventure
DVD MAD RR*Mad Max: Fury Road2015Action/Adventure
DVD MANMan of Steel2013Action/Adventure
DVD MANMan of Tai Chi2013Action/Adventure
DVD MANMan on a Ledge2012Action/Adventure
DVD MANMan on Fire2004Action/Adventure
DVD MANMan on Fire/Out of Time2004/2003Action/Adventure
SURVIVSurviving the Game1994Action/Adventure
DVD AVENGERMarvel’s The Avengers2012Action/Adventure
DVD MASMaster and Commander: The Far Side of the World2003Action/Adventure
DVD MAXMax Payne2008Action/Adventure
MECHANMechanic: Resurrection2016Action/Adventure
DVD MEMMemphis Belle1990Action/Adventure
DVD MIAMIMiami Vice2006Action/Adventure
MIDNIG RRMidnight Special2016Action/Adventure
DVD MINMinority Report2002Action/Adventure
DVD MIRMiracle at St. Anna2008Action/Adventure
DVD MISMission to Mars2000Action/Adventure
DVD MISMission: Impossible1996Action/Adventure
DVD MISSION IIM:i-2 (Mission: Impossible II)2000Action/Adventure
DVD MISSION IIIM:i:III (Mission: Impossible III)2006Action/Adventure
DVD MISMission: Impossible: Ghost Protocol2011Action/Adventure
DVD MISSIONMission: Impossible: Rogue Nation2015Action/Adventure
DVD MONMoney Train1995Action/Adventure
DVD MONEYTAMoneytalks1997Action/Adventure
DVD MR ANDMr. & Mrs. Smith2005Action/Adventure
DVD NATNational Treasure2004Action/Adventure
DVD NATIONA 2National Treasure 2: Book of Secrets2007Action/Adventure
DVD NEENeed for Speed2014Action/Adventure
GREATThe Great Wall2016Action/Adventure
MY_LIFMy Life as a Zucchini2016Animated
GREATThe Great Wall2016Action/Adventure - Blu-ray
DVD NEXNext2007Action/Adventure
DVD NINNinja Assassin2009Action/Adventure
DVD NOANoah2014Action/Adventure
DVD NONNon-Stop2014Action/Adventure
DVD NOWNow You See Me2013Action/Adventure
NOW_YO 2Now You See Me 22016Action/Adventure
DVD OBLOblivion2013Action/Adventure
DVD OCEANSOcean’s Eleven2001Action/Adventure
DVD OCEANSOcean’s Thirteen2007Action/Adventure
DVD OCEANSOcean’s Twelve2004Action/Adventure
DVD OLDOldboy2013Action/Adventure
DVD OLYMPUSOlympus Has Fallen2013Action/Adventure
DVD ONCOnce Upon a Time in Mexico2003Action/Adventure
DVD ONEOne Million Years B.C.1966Action/Adventure
DVD ONLOnly Angels Have Wings1939Action/Adventure
DVD OZOz the Great and Powerful2013Action/Adventure
DVD PAIPain & Gain2013Action/Adventure
DVD PAPPaparazzi2004Action/Adventure
DVD PARParker2013Action/Adventure
DVD PASSENGPassenger 571992Action/Adventure
DVD PAYCHECPaycheck2003Action/Adventure
DVD PEARLPearl Harbor2001Action/Adventure
DVD PERPersecuted2014Action/Adventure
PIRATEPirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End2007Action/Adventure
DVD PIRPirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest2006Action/Adventure
PIRATEPirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales2017Action/Adventure - Blu-ray
PIRATEPirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales2017Action/Adventure
DVD PIRPirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides2011Action/Adventure
DVD PIRPirates of the Caribbean: the Curse of the Black Pearl2003Action/Adventure
DVD PLANETPlanet Terror2007Action/Adventure
DVD POINTPoint Break2015Action/Adventure
DVD POMPompeii2014Action/Adventure
BEATRIBeatriz at Dinner2017Comedy/Humor
DVD PREPredator1987Action/Adventure
DVD PREPremium Rush2012Action/Adventure
DVD PRIPriest2011Action/Adventure
DVD PRIPrince of Persia: The Sands of Time2010Action/Adventure
DVD PUBPublic Enemies2009Action/Adventure
DVD PULPulp Fiction1994Action/Adventure
DVD PUNISHEPunisher: War Zone2008Action/Adventure
DVD PUSHPush2009Action/Adventure
QUANTUQuantum of Solace2008Action/Adventure
DVD RIPR.I.P.D.: Rest in Peace Department2013Action/Adventure
DVD RABBITPRabbit-Proof Fence2002Action/Adventure
DVD RAGRage2014Action/Adventure
RAMBO IIRambo: First Blood Part II1985Action/Adventure
DVD RAMBO IIIRambo III1988Action/Adventure
DVD RANRangers2000Action/Adventure
DVD REAReal Steel2011Action/Adventure
DVD REDRed2010Action/Adventure
DVD RED 2Red 22013Action/Adventure
DVD REDRed Dawn2012Action/Adventure
DVD REDRed State2011Action/Adventure
DVD REDRed Tails2012Action/Adventure
DVD REDRedemption2013Action/Adventure
DVD REIReign of Fire2002Action/Adventure
DVD RESRescue Dawn2006Action/Adventure
DVD RESReservoir Dogs1992Action/Adventure
DVD RESIDENResident Evil2002Action/Adventure
DVD RESResident Evil: Afterlife2010Action/Adventure
DVD RESResident Evil: Apocalypse2004Action/Adventure
RESIDEResident Evil: Extinction2007Action/Adventure
DVD RESResident Evil: Retribution2012Action/Adventure
RESIDEResident Evil: The Final Chapter2016Action/Adventure
DVD REVRevolver2005Action/Adventure
DVD RIDRiddick2013Action/Adventure
DVD RIGRighteous Kill2008Action/Adventure
DVD RISENRisen2016Action/Adventure
DVD ROBRobin Hood2010Action/Adventure
DVD ROBRobin Hood: Prince of Thieves1991Action/Adventure
DVD ROBRoboCop2014Action/Adventure
HALLOWThe Halloween Collection: Halloween: H20: 20 Years Later/Halloween: Resurrection/Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers1998/2002/1995Horror
ROBOCORoboCop 3-Movie Set: RoboCop/RoboCop 2/RoboCop 31987/1990/
DVD ROMRomancing the Stone1984Action/Adventure
ROMEORomeo Must Die2000Action/Adventure
DVD RULRules of Engagement2000Action/Adventure
DVD RUNRun All Night2015Action/Adventure
DVD RUSRush2013Action/Adventure
DVD RUSRush Hour1998Action/Adventure
DVD RUSH 2Rush Hour 22001Action/Adventure
DVD RUSH 3Rush Hour 32007Action/Adventure
DVD SABSabotage2014Action/Adventure
DVD SAFSafe2012Action/Adventure
DVD SAFSafe House2012Action/Adventure
DVD SAHSahara2005Action/Adventure
DVD SALSalt2010Action/Adventure
DVD SANSan Andreas2015Action/Adventure
DVD SANSanctum2011Action/Adventure
DVD SAVSaving Private Ryan1998Action/Adventure
DVD SCARFACScarface1983Action/Adventure
DVD SCOScott Pilgrim vs. the World2010Action/Adventure
DVD SEASeabiscuit2003Action/Adventure
DVD SEASeason of the Witch2011Action/Adventure
DVD SECRETSSecrets of the Mountain2010Action/Adventure
DVD SEESeeking Justice2011Action/Adventure
DVD SEVENTHSeventh Son2014Action/Adventure
DVD SHAFTShaft1971Action/Adventure
SHATTEShattered Dreams1998Action/Adventure
DVD SHERLOCSherlock Holmes2009Action/Adventure
DVD SHESherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows2011Action/Adventure
DVD SHOShooter2007Action/Adventure
DVD SICARIOSicario2015Action/Adventure
DVD SINSin City2005Action/Adventure
DVD SINSin City: A Dame to Kill For2014Action/Adventure
CHIPS RR*Chips2017Action/Adventure
DVD SKYSky Captain and the World of Tomorrow2004Action/Adventure
DVD SKYSkyfall2012Action/Adventure
DVD SNITCHSnitch2013Action/Adventure
DVD SNOSnow White & the Huntsman2012Action/Adventure
DVD SPACESpace Cowboys2000Action/Adventure
DVD SPASpartacus1960Action/Adventure
DVD SPECTRESpectre2015Action/Adventure
DVD SPESpeed1994Action/Adventure
DVD SPISpider-Man2002Action/Adventure
DVD SPIDERM 2Spider-Man 22004Action/Adventure
DVD SPI 3Spider-Man 32007Action/Adventure
SPIDERSpider-Man: Homecoming2017Action/Adventure - Blu-ray
SPIDERSpider-Man: Homecoming2017Action/Adventure
DVD SPYSpy2015Action/Adventure
SPY_GASpy Game2001Action/Adventure
DVD STAState of Play2009Action/Adventure
DVD STEALTHStealth2005Action/Adventure
DVD STRStreet Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li2009Action/Adventure
DVD STRStreet Kings2008Action/Adventure
STRIKEStrike Force1975Action/Adventure
DVD STRIKINStriking Distance1993Action/Adventure
SUICID RR*Suicide Squad2016Action/Adventure
DVD SUPSuperman1978Action/Adventure
DVD SUPSuperman Returns2006Action/Adventure
DVD SURSurrogates2009Action/Adventure
DVD SURVIVOSurvivor2015Action/Adventure
DVD SWORDFISwordfish2001Action/Adventure
DVD SYRSyriana2005Action/Adventure
DVD TAKTaken2008Action/Adventure
DVD TAKEN 2Taken 22012Action/Adventure
DVD TAKEN 3Taken 32014Action/Adventure
DVD TAKTakers2010Action/Adventure
DVD TEETeenage Mutant Ninja Turtles2014Action/Adventure
TEENAGTeenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows2016Action/Adventure
DVD TERMINA 2Terminator 2: Judgment Day1991Action/Adventure
DVD TERMINA 3Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines2003Action/Adventure
DVD TERMINATerminator: Genisys2015Action/Adventure
DVD TERTerminator: Salvation2009Action/Adventure
DVD THIThe 13th Warrior1999Action/Adventure
DVD THREEThe 300 Spartans1962Action/Adventure
DVD FIFTHThe 5th Wave2016Action/Adventure
ACCOUNThe Accountant2016Action/Adventure
DVD ALAThe Alamo1960Action/Adventure
DVD AMAThe Amazing Spider-Man2012Action/Adventure
DVD AMAZING 2The Amazing Spider-Man 22014Action/Adventure
DVD AMEThe American2010Action/Adventure
DVD ARTThe Art of War2000Action/Adventure
DVD ASTRONAUThe Astronaut Farmer2006Action/Adventure
DVD ATEThe A-Team2010Action/Adventure
DVD BANThe Bank Job2008Action/Adventure
DVD BIGThe Big Red One1980Action/Adventure
DVD BOOThe Book of Eli2010Action/Adventure
DVD BOONDOC IIThe Boondock Saints II: All Saints Day2009Action/Adventure
DVD BOUThe Bounty Hunter2010Action/Adventure
DVD BOUThe Bourne Identity2002Action/Adventure
DVD BOUThe Bourne Legacy2012Action/Adventure
DVD BOUThe Bourne Supremacy2004Action/Adventure
DVD BOUThe Bourne Ultimatum2007Action/Adventure
DVD BRIThe Bridge on the River Kwai1957Action/Adventure
DVD CHRThe Chronicles of Riddick2004Action/Adventure
DVD PITThe Chronicles of Riddick: Pitch Black2000Action/Adventure
DVD COMThe Company You Keep2012Action/Adventure
DVD CORThe Core2003Action/Adventure
DVD COUThe Counselor2013Action/Adventure
DVD CROThe Crow1994Action/Adventure
DVD DARKThe Dark Knight2008Action/Adventure
DVD DARThe Dark Knight Rises2012Action/Adventure
DVD DAYThe Day After Tomorrow2004Action/Adventure
DVD DEVThe Devil’s Double2011Action/Adventure
DVD DEVThe Devil’s Own1997Action/Adventure
DVD DIRTYThe Dirty Dozen1967Action/Adventure
DVD DOOMThe Doom Generation1995Action/Adventure
DVD DUKESThe Dukes of Hazzard2005Action/Adventure
DVD EAGThe Eagle2011Action/Adventure
DVD EQUThe Equalizer2014Action/Adventure
DVD EXPThe Expendables2010Action/Adventure
DVD EXP 2The Expendables 22012Action/Adventure
DVD EXP 3The Expendables 32014Action/Adventure
DVD FALThe Fall2006Action/Adventure
DVD FASThe Fast and the Furious2001Action/Adventure
DVD FASTThe Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift2006Action/Adventure
DVD FINESTThe Finest Hours2016Action/Adventure
DVD FORThe Forbidden Kingdom2008Action/Adventure
THEIRTheir Finest2016Comedy/Humor
DVD FREThe French Connection1971Action/Adventure
GHOSTThe Ghost and the Darkness1996Action/Adventure
DVD GIRThe Girl With the Dragon Tattoo2011Action/Adventure
DVD GREThe Great Escape1963Action/Adventure
DVD GREThe Green Hornet2011Action/Adventure
DVD GREThe Grey2011Action/Adventure
DVD GUAThe Guardian2006Action/Adventure
DVD GUNMANThe Gunman2015Action/Adventure
GUNS_OThe Guns of Navarone1961Action/Adventure
DVD HEAThe Heat2013Action/Adventure
DVD HIGThe High and the Mighty1954Action/Adventure
DVD HUNThe Hunger Games2012Action/Adventure
DVD HUNThe Hunger Games: Catching Fire2013Action/Adventure
DVD HUN 1The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 12014Action/Adventure
DVD HUNGER 2The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 22015Action/Adventure
DVD HUNThe Hunted2003Action/Adventure
DVD HUNThe Hunter2011Action/Adventure
HUNTSMThe Huntsman: Winter’s War2016Action/Adventure
DVD HURThe Hurt Locker2008Action/Adventure
DVD ICEThe Iceman2012Action/Adventure
DVD INCThe Incredible Hulk2008Action/Adventure
DVD INTERNAThe International2009Action/Adventure
DVD ITAThe Italian Job2003Action/Adventure
DVD JACThe Jackal1997Action/Adventure
DVD JEWELThe Jewel of the Nile1985Action/Adventure
DVD KARThe Karate Kid1984Action/Adventure
DVD KAR IIThe Karate Kid II1986Action/Adventure
DVD KARATE IIIThe Karate Kid III1989Action/Adventure
DVD LASThe Last Castle2001Action/Adventure
DVD LASTLast Samurai2003Action/Adventure
DVD LASThe Last Stand2013Action/Adventure
DVD LASTThe Last Witch Hunter2015Action/Adventure
DVD LEGThe Legend of Hercules2014Action/Adventure
LEGEND RR*The Legend of Tarzan2016Action/Adventure
DVD LEGENDThe Legend of Zorro2005Action/Adventure
DVD LIBThe Librarian: Curse of the Judas Chalice2008Action/Adventure
LIBRARThe Librarian: Quest for the Spear2004Action/Adventure
DVD LONGThe Long Kiss Goodnight1996Action/Adventure
DVD LOSThe Losers2010Action/Adventure
DVD LOSTThe Lost World: Jurassic Park1997Action/Adventure
MAN_FRThe Man From Snowy River1982Action/Adventure
DVD MANThe Man From U.N.C.L.E.2015Action/Adventure
DVD MANThe Man in the Iron Mask1998Action/Adventure
DVD MANThe Man With the Iron Fists2012Action/Adventure
DVD MARThe Marine2006Action/Adventure
FIRST_F RR*Fist Fight2017Comedy/Humor
DVD MARThe Mark of Zorro1940Action/Adventure
DVD MARTIANThe Martian2015Action/Adventure
DVD MASThe Mask of Zorro1998Action/Adventure
DVD MATRIXThe Matrix1999Action/Adventure
DVD MATThe Matrix Reloaded2003Action/Adventure
DVD MATThe Matrix Revolutions2003Action/Adventure
MEXICAThe Mexican2001Action/Adventure
GHOSTGhost in the Shell2017Action/Adventure
GHOSTGhost in the Shell2017Action/Adventure - Blu-ray
GOINGGoing in Style2017Comedy/Humor
GOING RR*Going in Style2017Comedy/Humor - Blu-ray
DVD MIGThe Mighty Quinn1989Action/Adventure
DVD MISThe Missing2003Action/Adventure
DVD MOSQUITThe Mosquito Coast1986Action/Adventure
DVD MOTThe Motorcycle Diaries2004Action/Adventure
DVD MUMThe Mummy1999Action/Adventure
MUMMYThe Mummy2017Action/Adventure - Blu-ray
MUMMYThe Mummy2017Action/Adventure
DVD MUMThe Mummy Returns2001Action/Adventure
DVD MUMThe Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor2008Action/Adventure
DVD MUSThe Musketeer2001Action/Adventure
DVD NEWThe New World2005Action/Adventure
DVD NEXThe Next Three Days2010Action/Adventure
DVD NOVThe November Man2014Action/Adventure
DVD NUMThe Num8ers Station2013Action/Adventure
DVD ONEThe One2001Action/Adventure
DVD PATRIOTThe Patriot2000Action/Adventure
DVD PELICANThe Pelican Brief1993Action/Adventure
DVD PERFECTThe Perfect Storm2000Action/Adventure
DVD POSThe Poseidon Adventure1972Action/Adventure
DVD PUNISHEThe Punisher2004Action/Adventure
DVD RECThe Recruit2003Action/Adventure
DVD REDThe Red Baron2008Action/Adventure
DVD REVENANThe Revenant2015Action/Adventure
DVD RIGThe Right Stuff1983Action/Adventure
DVD ROCThe Rock1996Action/Adventure
DVD RUNDOWNThe Rundown2003Action/Adventure
DVD RUNThe Running Man1987Action/Adventure
SCORPIThe Scorpion King2002Action/Adventure
SCORPI 2The Scorpion King 2: Rise of a Warrior2008Action/Adventure
DVD SCORPIO 3The Scorpion King 3: Battle for Redemption2012Action/Adventure
SCORPI 4The Scorpion King 4: Quest for Power2015Action/Adventure
DVD SENTINEThe Sentinel2006Action/Adventure
DVD SNOThe Snows of Kilimanjaro1952Action/Adventure
DVD SPECIALThe Specialist1994Action/Adventure
DVD SUMThe Sum of All Fears2002Action/Adventure
DVD TAKThe Taking of Pelham 1232009Action/Adventure
DVD TERThe Terminator1984Action/Adventure
THIN_RThe Thin Red Line1998Action/Adventure
DVD THRThe Three Musketeers1993Action/Adventure
DVD THRThe Three Musketeers2011Action/Adventure
DVD TOUThe Tourist2010Action/Adventure
DVD TOWThe Town2010Action/Adventure
DVD TRAThe Transporter2002Action/Adventure
DVD TREThe Treasure of the Sierra Madre1948Action/Adventure
DVD WARThe Warrior’s Way2010Action/Adventure
DVD WAYThe Way Back2010Action/Adventure
DVD WHIThe Whistleblower2010Action/Adventure
DVD WOLThe Wolverine2013Action/Adventure
DVD WORThe World Is Not Enough1999Action/Adventure
DVD WORThe World’s Fastest Indian2005Action/Adventure
DVD THEThelma & Louise1991Action/Adventure
DVD THEThere Be Dragons2011Action/Adventure
DVD THIThis Means War2012Action/Adventure
DVD THOThor2011Action/Adventure
DVD THORThor: The Dark World2013Action/Adventure
DVD THREEThree Kings1999Action/Adventure
DVD TIMTime After Time1979Action/Adventure
DVD TIMTimeline2003Action/Adventure
DVD TOMTomorrow Never Dies1997Action/Adventure
DVD TORTora! Tora! Tora!1970Action/Adventure
DVD TORQUETorque2004Action/Adventure
DVD TOTALTotal Recall1990Action/Adventure
DVD TOTALTotal Recall2012Action/Adventure
DVD TOWTower Heist2011Action/Adventure
DVD TRATraitor2008Action/Adventure
DVD TRATrance2013Action/Adventure
DVD TRATransformers: Age of Extinction2014Action/Adventure
DVD TRATransformers: Dark of the Moon2011Action/Adventure
TRANSFTransformers: Dark of the Moon2011Action/Adventure - Blu-ray
TRANSFTransformers: Revenge of the Fallen2009Action/Adventure
TRANSFTransformers: The Last Knight2017Action/Adventure
TRANSFTransformers: The Last Knight2017Action/Adventure - Blu-ray
DVD TRANSPO 1-2Transporter 1 and 2: The Transporter/Transporter 22002/2005Action/Adventure
DVD TRANSPO 3Transporter 32008Action/Adventure
DVD TRETreasure Island1950Action/Adventure
DVD TRETrespass2011Action/Adventure
TRIPLETriple 92016Action/Adventure
DVD TROTroy2004Action/Adventure
DVD US MARSHALU.S. Marshals1998Action/Adventure
DVD UFIU-5712000Action/Adventure
DVD ULYUlysses1954Action/Adventure
UNCOMMUncommon Valor1983Action/Adventure
DVD UNDUnderworld: Awakening2012Action/Adventure
UNDERWUnderworld: Blood Wars2016Action/Adventure
UNDERWUnderworld: Evolution2006Action/Adventure
UNDERWUnderworld: Rise of the Lycans2009Action/Adventure
DVD UNKUnknown2011Action/Adventure
DVD UNSUnstoppable2010Action/Adventure
DVD UNTUntraceable2008Action/Adventure
DVD V FORV For Vendetta2005Action/Adventure
DVD VALValkyrie2008Action/Adventure
DVD VAMVampire Academy2014Action/Adventure
DVD VANVan Helsing2004Action/Adventure
DVD VANTAGEVantage Point2008Action/Adventure
DVD VENDETTVendetta2015Action/Adventure
DVD VERVertical Limit2000Action/Adventure
DVD VICEVice2015Action/Adventure
DVD VIOViolet & Daisy2011Action/Adventure
DVD WALWalking Tall2004Action/Adventure
DVD WANWanted2008Action/Adventure
DVD WARWar, Inc.2008Action/Adventure
DVD WARWarrior2011Action/Adventure
DVD WATWatchmen2009Action/Adventure
WE_WERWe Were Soldiers2002Action/Adventure
DVD WELWelcome to the Punch2013Action/Adventure
WHEN_TWhen the Bough Breaks/Congratulations, It’s a Boy!1986/1971Action/Adventure
DVD WHIWhite House Down2013Action/Adventure
DVD WHIWhiteout2009Action/Adventure
DVD WORWorld War Z2013Action/Adventure
DVD WRATH RR*Wrath of the Titans2012Action/Adventure
LOGANLogan2017Action/Adventure - Blu-ray
DVD XTWOX2: X-Men United2003Action/Adventure
DVD XMEX-Men2000Action/Adventure
DVD XMEX-Men Origins: Wolverine2009Action/Adventure
X-MENX-Men: Apocalypse2016Action/Adventure
DVD XMEX-Men: Days of Future Past2014Action/Adventure
DVD XMEX-Men: First Class2011Action/Adventure
DVD XMEX-Men: The Last Stand2006Action/Adventure
UNITEDA United Kingdom2016Drama
XMEN_TX-Men: The Last Stand2006Action/Adventure - Blu-ray
DVD XXXXXX2002Action/Adventure
XXX_REXXX: Return of Xander Cage2017Action/Adventure
DVD XXXXXX: State of the Union2002Action/Adventure
DVD ZERZero Dark Thirty2012Action/Adventure
DVD NINE92009Animated
DVD SCAA Scanner Darkly2006Animated
DVD AVENGERAvengers Confidential: Black Widow & Punisher2014Animated
BATMANBatman: The Killing Joke2016Animated
DVD BATBatman: Year One2011Animated
BOY_ANBoy & the World2013Animated
DVD FINALFinal Fantasy: The Spirits Within2001Animated
DVD FUTURAMFuturama: Bender’s Big Score2007Animated
DVD FUTURAMFuturama: Bender’s Game2008Animated
HALO_LHalo Legends2010Animated
DVD HULKHulk Vs.2009Animated
CONFIRThe Confirmation2016Comedy/Humor
DVD INUYASHInuYasha: The Movie2001/2002/2003/2004Animated
DVD JUSTICEJustice League: Gods and Monsters2015Animated
DVD JUSTICEJustice League vs. Teen Titans2016Animated
DVD MARMary and Max2009Animated
DVD PERPersepolis2007Animated
SAUSAGSausage Party2016Animated
DVD SOUTHSouth Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut1999Animated
SPIDERSpider-Man Vs. Doc Ock1994-98/1967Animated
DVD SPISpider-Woman: Agent of S.W.O.R.D.2009Animated
TEEN_TTeen Titans: the Judas Contract2017Animated
DVD TEXTex Avery’s Droopy2007Animated
ANIMATThe Animatrix2003Animated
CHRONIThe Chronicles of Riddick: Dark Fury2004Animated
INVINCThe Invincible Iron Man2007Animated
DVD SIMThe Simpsons Movie2007Animated
DVD TALEThe Tale of the Princess Kaguya2013Animated
DVD WINThe Wind Rises2013Animated
SOUTHSSouthside With You2016Drama
DVD ULTUltimate Avengers2006Animated
DVD WALWaltz With Bashir2008Animated
DVD WHOWho Framed Roger Rabbit1988Animated
DVD FIV(500) Days of Summer2009Comedy/Humor
DVD TEN10 Items or Less2006Comedy/Humor
WHICHWhich Way is Up?1977Comedy/Humor
TEN_TH10 Things I Hate About You1999Comedy/Humor
DVD TEN10 Years2011Comedy/Humor
DVD TWE12 Days of Christmas Eve2004Comedy/Humor
THIRTE13 Going on 302004Comedy/Humor
DVD TWO2 Days in New York2012Comedy/Humor
DVD TWO2 Days in Paris2007Comedy/Humor
DVD TWE21 & Over2013Comedy/Humor
DVD TWE27 Dresses2008Comedy/Humor
DVD THI30 Minutes or Less2011Comedy/Humor
FOUR_F4 Film Favorites. Clint Eastwood Comedy: Space Cowboys/Every Which Way But Loose/Honkytonk Man/Any Which Way You Can2000/1978/1982/1980Comedy/Humor
DVD FIF50 First Dates2004Comedy/Humor
DVD FIF50/502011Comedy/Humor
DVD CASA Case of You2013Comedy/Humor
DVD CHRA Christmas Story1983Comedy/Humor
DVD CHRISTM 2A Christmas Story 22012Comedy/Humor
DVD DAYA Day at the Races1937Comedy/Humor
DVD FOOA Fool and His Money1989Comedy/Humor
DVD GOOA Good Year2006Comedy/Humor
DVD GUYA Guy Thing2003Comedy/Humor
DVD HAUA Haunted House2013Comedy/Humor
HOLOGRA Hologram For the King2016Comedy/Humor
DVD LEAA League of Their Own1992Comedy/Humor
DVD LITA Little Bit of Heaven2011Comedy/Humor
DVD LITA Little Help2010Comedy/Humor
DVD LOTA Lot Like Love2005Comedy/Humor
DVD MIDA Midsummer Night’s Dream1999Comedy/Humor
DVD MIGHTYA Mighty Wind2003Comedy/Humor
DVD MILA Million Ways to Die in the West2014Comedy/Humor
DVD PRAA Prairie Home Companion2006Comedy/Humor
DVD SERA Serious Man2009Comedy/Humor
DVD THOA Thousand Words2012Comedy/Humor
DVD VERY RR*A Very Harold & Kumar Christmas2011Comedy/Humor
DVD ACOA.C.O.D.: Adult Children of Divorce2013Comedy/Humor
DVD ABOAbout a Boy2002Comedy/Humor
DVD ABOAbout Last Night2014Comedy/Humor
DVD ABOUTAbout Schmidt2002Comedy/Humor
ABSOLU RR*Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie2016Comedy/Humor
DVD ACEAce Ventura Pet Detective1994Comedy/Humor
DVD ACEAce Ventura When Nature Calls1995Comedy/Humor
DVD ADAAdaptation.2002Comedy/Humor
DVD ADVAdventureland2009Comedy/Humor
DVD ADVAdventures in Babysitting1987Comedy/Humor
SPLITSplit2016Horror - Blu-ray
DVD AFTAfternoon Delight2013Comedy/Humor
DVD ALEXAlex & Emma2003Comedy/Humor
DVD ALFAlfie2004Comedy/Humor
DVD ALLAll About Steve2009Comedy/Humor
DVD ALLAll American Christmas Carol2013Comedy/Humor
DVD ALLAll I Want2002Comedy/Humor
DVD ALLAll is Bright2013Comedy/Humor
DVD ALLAll of Me1984Comedy/Humor
ALMOSTAlmost Christmas2016Comedy/Humor
DVD ALMAlmost Famous2000Comedy/Humor
DVD ALOHAAloha2015Comedy/Humor
ALONGAlong Came Polly2004Comedy/Humor
AMERICAmerica’s Sweethearts2001Comedy/Humor
DVD AMEAmerican Dreamz2006Comedy/Humor
DVD AMEAmerican Hustle2013Comedy/Humor
DVD AMEAmerican Pie1999Comedy/Humor
DVD AME 2American Pie 22001Comedy/Humor
DVD AMEAmerican Reunion2012Comedy/Humor
DVD AMEAmerican Splendor2003Comedy/Humor
DVD AMEAmerican Wedding2003Comedy/Humor
DVD ANALYZEAnalyze That2002Comedy/Humor
DVD ANALYZEAnalyze This1999Comedy/Humor
ANCHORAnchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy2004Comedy/Humor
DVD ANCHORM 2Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues2013Comedy/Humor
DVD ANGAnger Management2003Comedy/Humor
DVD ANNAnnie Hall1977Comedy/Humor
DVD AREAre You Here2013Comedy/Humor
AS_GOOAs Good As It Gets1997Comedy/Humor
AUNTIEAuntie Mame1958Comedy/Humor
DVD AUSAustenland2013Comedy/Humor
DVD AUSAustin Powers in Goldmember2002Comedy/Humor
DVD AUSAustin Powers: International Man of Mystery1997Comedy/Humor
DVD AUSTINAustin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me1999Comedy/Humor
DVD AWAAway We Go2009Comedy/Humor
DVD BABBaby Boom1987Comedy/Humor
DVD BABBaby Mama2008Comedy/Humor
DVD BADBad Milo!2013Comedy/Humor
BAD_MOBad Moms2016Comedy/Humor
DVD BADBad Santa2003Comedy/Humor
DVD BADBad Teacher2011Comedy/Humor
DVD BADBad Words2013Comedy/Humor
DVD BAGBaggage Claim2013Comedy/Humor
DVD BALBalls of Fury2007Comedy/Humor
DVD BARBERS 2Barbershop 2: Back in Business2004Comedy/Humor
BARBER RR*Barbershop: The Next Cut2016Comedy/Humor
DVD BE COOLBe Cool2005Comedy/Humor
DVD BE KINDBe Kind Rewind2008Comedy/Humor
DVD BEABeaches1988Comedy/Humor
DVD BEABeauty Shop2005Comedy/Humor
DVD BEEBeetlejuice1988Comedy/Humor
DVD BEGBegin Again2013Comedy/Humor
DVD BEIBeing Flynn2012Comedy/Humor
DVD BEIBeing John Malkovich1999Comedy/Humor
DVD BENBend It Like Beckham2002Comedy/Humor
BENNYBenny & Joon1993Comedy/Humor
DVD BERBernie2011Comedy/Humor
DVD BESBest Defense1984Comedy/Humor
DVD BESTBest In Show2000Comedy/Humor
DVD BESBest Man Down2012Comedy/Humor
DVD BEVBeverly Hills Cop1984Comedy/Humor
DVD BEV IIBeverly Hills Cop II1987Comedy/Humor
DVD BEV IIIBeverly Hills Cop III1994Comedy/Humor
DVD BEWITCHBewitched2005Comedy/Humor
DVD BIGBig1988Comedy/Humor
DVD BIGBig Fan2009Comedy/Humor
DVD BIGBig Momma’s House2000Comedy/Humor
DVD BIGBig Mommas: Like Father, Like Son2011Comedy/Humor
DVD BILBill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure1989Comedy/Humor
DVD BILBilly Elliot2000Comedy/Humor
DVD BILLYBilly Madison1995Comedy/Humor
DVD BIRBirdman: or (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance)2014Comedy/Humor
DVD BLABlades of Glory2007Comedy/Humor
BLAZINBlazing Saddles1974Comedy/Humor
DVD BLENDED RR*Blended2014Comedy/Humor
DVD BLUBlue Jasmine2013Comedy/Humor
DVD BOATBoat Trip2002Comedy/Humor
DVD BONBonneville2006Comedy/Humor
DVD BORBorat2006Comedy/Humor
DVD BOTBottle Shock2008Comedy/Humor
DVD BREBreakfast at Tiffany’s1961Comedy/Humor
DVD BREASTBreast Men1997Comedy/Humor
DVD BRIBride Wars2009Comedy/Humor
DVD BRIBridesmaids2011Comedy/Humor
DVD BRIBridget Jones: The Edge of Reason2004Comedy/Humor
BRIDGEBridget Jones’s Baby2016Comedy/Humor
DVD BRIBridget Jones’s Diary2001Comedy/Humor
BRINGBring It On2000Comedy/Humor
DVD BRIBring It On: All Or Nothing2006Comedy/Humor
DVD BRIBring It On: Fight to the Finish2009Comedy/Humor
HOUSE RR*The House2017Comedy/Humor
HOUSE RR*The House2017Comedy/Humor - Blu-ray
BRINGBring It On: In It to Win It2007Comedy/Humor
BRINGBring It On Again2004Comedy/Humor
BRINGIBringing Down the House2003Comedy/Humor
DVD BROBroken Flowers2005Comedy/Humor
DVD BRUBruno2009Comedy/Humor
DVD BULBull Durham1988Comedy/Humor
DVD BURBurn After Reading2008Comedy/Humor
DVD BURNTBurnt2015Comedy/Humor
DVD BUTButter2011Comedy/Humor
DVD COGC.O.G.2013Comedy/Humor
DVD CADCaddyshack1980Comedy/Humor
DVD CADDYSH IICaddyshack II1988Comedy/Humor
CAFE_SCafé Society2016Comedy/Humor
CALENDCalendar Girls2003Comedy/Humor
GIRLSGirls Trip2017Comedy/Humor
CAPTAICaptain Fantastic2016Comedy/Humor
DVD CARCarnage2011Comedy/Humor
DVD CASCasa de mi Padre2012Comedy/Humor
DVD CASCasanova2005Comedy/Humor
DVD CASCasino Jack2010Comedy/Humor
CASINOCasino Royale1967Comedy/Humor
DVD CATCatch and Release2006Comedy/Humor
DVD CEDCedar Rapids2011Comedy/Humor
SHACKThe Shack2017Drama
SHACKThe Shack2017Drama - Blu-ray
DVD CELCeleste and Jesse Forever2012Comedy/Humor
CENTRACentral Intelligence2016Comedy/Humor
DVD CHACharlie Countryman2013Comedy/Humor
CHASINChasing Liberty2004Comedy/Humor
DVD CHECheaper by the Dozen1950Comedy/Humor
DVD CHEChef2014Comedy/Humor
CHRISTChristmas in Connecticut1945Comedy/Humor
DVD CHRChristmas With the Kranks2004Comedy/Humor
DVD CITCity Island2009Comedy/Humor
CITY_SCity Slickers1991Comedy/Humor
DVD CLICKClick2006Comedy/Humor
DVD COCCocktail1988Comedy/Humor
DVD COLDCold Comfort Farm1995Comedy/Humor
DVD COMComputer Chess2013Comedy/Humor
DVD CONConfessions of a Dangerous Mind2002Comedy/Humor
DVD CONConfessions of a Shopaholic2009Comedy/Humor
DVD CONContinental Divide1981Comedy/Humor
DVD CONConversation(s) With Other Women2005Comedy/Humor
CORRINCorrina, Corrina1994Comedy/Humor
DVD COUCouples Retreat2009Comedy/Humor
DVD COYCoyote Ugly2000Comedy/Humor
SENSEThe Sense of an Ending2017Drama
DVD CRAZY RR*Crazy Stupid Love2011Comedy/Humor
CURLYCurly Sue1991Comedy/Humor
LIFELife2017Science Fiction - Blu-ray
LIFELife2017Science Fiction
DVD CYRCyrus2010Comedy/Humor
DADDYDaddy Day Care2003Comedy/Humor
DVD DADDYSDaddy’s Home2015Comedy/Humor
DVD DAMDamsels in Distress2011Comedy/Humor
DVD DANNYDanny Collins2015Comedy/Humor
DVD DARDarling Companion2012Comedy/Humor
DEAR_EDear Eleanor2016Comedy/Humor
DEAR_GDear God1996Comedy/Humor
DVD DEADear White People2014Comedy/Humor
DVD DEADeath at a Funeral2007Comedy/Humor
DEFENDDefending Your Life1991Comedy/Humor
DVD DELDelivery Man2013Comedy/Humor
DVD DESDesk Set1957Comedy/Humor
DID_YODid You Hear About the Morgans?2009Comedy/Humor
DVD DINDinner for Schmucks2010Comedy/Humor
DVD DIRTYDirty Deeds2002Comedy/Humor
DVD DIRTYDirty Grandpa2016Comedy/Humor
DVD DOCDoc Hollywood1991Comedy/Humor
DVD DODGEBADodgeball2004Comedy/Humor
DVD DOWDown and Out in Beverly Hills1986Comedy/Humor
DOWN_TDown to Earth2001Comedy/Humor
DVD DOWDown With Love2003Comedy/Humor
DVD DR STRANGEDr. Strangelove; Or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb1964Comedy/Humor
DVD DRADragnet1987Comedy/Humor
DVD DRIDrillbit Taylor2008Comedy/Humor
DVD DRIDrinking Buddies2013Comedy/Humor
DVD DRIDriving Lessons2006Comedy/Humor
DVD DRIDriving Miss Daisy1989Comedy/Humor
DVD DUEDue Date2010Comedy/Humor
DVD DUMDumb and Dumber1994Comedy/Humor
DVD DUMBDumb and Dumber To2014Comedy/Humor
DVD DUPDuplex2003Comedy/Humor
DVD EASEasy Virtue2008Comedy/Humor
DVD ED WOODEd Wood1994Comedy/Humor
EDDIEEddie the Eagle2016Comedy/Humor
DVD ELFElf2003Comedy/Humor
DVD ELIElizabethtown2005Comedy/Humor
DVD EMMEmma1996Comedy/Humor
DVD EMPEmployee of the Month2006Comedy/Humor
DVD ENOEnough Said2013Comedy/Humor
DVD ENTOURA RR*Entourage2015Comedy/Humor
DVD ENVEnvy2004Comedy/Humor
DVD EPIEpic Movie2007Comedy/Humor
DVD EUROTRIEuroTrip2004Comedy/Humor
DVD EVAEvan Almighty2007Comedy/Humor
DVD EVEEvery Day2010Comedy/Humor
EVERYBEverybody Wants Some!!2016Comedy/Humor
WHAT_AWhat a Girl Wants2003Comedy/Humor
DVD EVEEverything Is Illuminated2005Comedy/Humor
DVD EVEEverything Must Go2010Comedy/Humor
DVD EXTExtract2009Comedy/Humor
DVD FAIFailure to Launch2006Comedy/Humor
DVD FASFast Food Nation2006Comedy/Humor
DVD FATFather of Invention2010Comedy/Humor
DVD FATHERFather of the Bride/Father of the Bride II1991/1995Comedy/Humor
DVD FEELINGFeeling Minnesota1996Comedy/Humor
DVD FERFerris Bueller’s Day Off1986Comedy/Humor
DVD FEVERFever Pitch2005Comedy/Humor
DVD FIRFired Up2009Comedy/Humor
DVD FIRFirst Sunday2008Comedy/Humor
DVD FLIFlipped2010Comedy/Humor
FLORENFlorence Foster Jenkins2016Comedy/Humor
DVD FOCUSFocus2015Comedy/Humor
FOOLSFools Rush In1997Comedy/Humor
DVD FORFor a Good Time, Call…2012Comedy/Humor
DVD FORFor Your Consideration2006Comedy/Humor
DVD FORForces of Nature1999Comedy/Humor
DVD FORForgetting Sarah Marshall2008Comedy/Humor
DVD FOURFour Christmases2008Comedy/Humor
DVD FOUFour Weddings and a Funeral1994Comedy/Humor
DVD FRIFriends With Benefits2011Comedy/Humor
DVD FRIFriends With Kids2011Comedy/Humor
DVD FROFrom Prada to Nada2011Comedy/Humor
DVD FULFull Frontal2002Comedy/Humor
DVD FUNFun With Dick and Jane2005Comedy/Humor
DVD FUNFunny People2009Comedy/Humor
DVD GARGarden State2004Comedy/Humor
DVD GEOGeorgia Rule2007Comedy/Humor
GET_AGet a Job2016Comedy/Humor
DVD GET RR*Get Hard2015Comedy/Humor
DVD GETGet Him to the Greek2010Comedy/Humor
DVD GETGet Shorty1995Comedy/Humor
DVD GHOGhost Town2008Comedy/Humor
DVD GHOGhost World2001Comedy/Humor
DVD GHOGhostbusters1984Comedy/Humor
DVD GHOSTBU 2Ghostbusters 21989Comedy/Humor
DVD GHOGhosts of Girlfriends Past2009Comedy/Humor
DVD GIGLIGigli2003Comedy/Humor
DVD GIRGirl in Progress2012Comedy/Humor
DVD GIRGirl Most Likely2012Comedy/Humor
DVD GOIGoing the Distance2010Comedy/Humor
DVD GOODGood Luck Chuck2007Comedy/Humor
DVD GOOGood Morning, Vietnam1987Comedy/Humor
DVD GOOGoon2011Comedy/Humor
DVD GRANDMAGrandma2015Comedy/Humor
DVD GRANDMAGrandma’s Boy2006Comedy/Humor
DVD GREGreat Comedy Teams1930/1932/1937/1939/1942/1951/1953Comedy/Humor
DVD GREGreenberg2010Comedy/Humor
DVD GRIGrilled2006Comedy/Humor
DVD GRINDGrind2003Comedy/Humor
DVD GROGrosse Pointe Blank1997Comedy/Humor
DVD GROUNDHGroundhog Day1993Comedy/Humor
DVD GROGrown Ups2010Comedy/Humor
DVD GROWN 2Grown Ups 22013Comedy/Humor
DVD GRU RR*Grudge Match2013Comedy/Humor
DVD GRUMPIEGrumpier Old Men1995Comedy/Humor
DVD GRUMPYGrumpy Old Men1993Comedy/Humor
DVD GUEGuess Who2005Comedy/Humor
HAIL_CHail, Caesar!2016Comedy/Humor
DVD HAIRSPRHairspray1988Comedy/Humor
DVD HALHall Pass2011Comedy/Humor
DVD HAMLET 2Hamlet 22008Comedy/Humor
DVD HANHanging Up2000Comedy/Humor
DVD HAPHappy Accidents2000Comedy/Humor
DVD HAPPYHappy Gilmore1996Comedy/Humor
DVD HAPHappy Tears2009Comedy/Humor
DVD HAPHappy-Go-Lucky2008Comedy/Humor
DVD HAPHappythankyoumoreplease2010Comedy/Humor
DVD HARHardball2001Comedy/Humor
HAROLDHarold & Kumar Go To White Castle/Harold & Kumar Escape From Guantanamo Bay2004/2008Comedy/Humor
HELLOHello, My Name is Doris2015Comedy/Humor
DVD HENHenry Poole is Here2008Comedy/Humor
IT_COMIt Comes at Night2017Horror
DVD HERHer Alibi1989Comedy/Humor
DVD HERHere Comes the Boom2012Comedy/Humor
HEROThe Hero2017Drama
DVD HERHero1992Comedy/Humor
DVD HIGHigh Fidelity2000Comedy/Humor
DVD HITHit & Run2012Comedy/Humor
DVD HITCHHitch2005Comedy/Humor
DVD HOMHomecoming2012Comedy/Humor
DVD HONHoneymoon in Vegas1992Comedy/Humor
DVD HOPHope Floats1998Comedy/Humor
DVD HOPHope Springs2012Comedy/Humor
DVD HORHorrible Bosses2011Comedy/Humor
DVD HORRIBL 2 RR*Horrible Bosses 22014Comedy/Humor
DVD HOTHot Tub Time Machine2010Comedy/Humor
DVD HOT 2Hot Tub Time Machine 22015Comedy/Humor
DVD HOWHow Do You Know2010Comedy/Humor
HOW_TO RRHow to Be Single2016Comedy/Humor
DVD HOWHow to Lose a Guy in 10 Days2003Comedy/Humor
HOWARDHoward the Duck1986Comedy/Humor
DVD HUMHuman Nature2001Comedy/Humor
DVD HYDHyde Park on Hudson2010Comedy/Humor
DVD HYSHysteria2011Comedy/Humor
I_COULI Could Never Be Your Woman2007Comedy/Humor
DVD I DONTI Don’t Know How She Does It2011Comedy/Humor
DVD I GIVEI Give It a Year2013Comedy/Humor
DVD I HATEI Hate Valentine’s Day2009Comedy/Humor
DVD I HOPEI Hope They Serve Beer in Hell2009Comedy/Humor
DVD I LOVEI Love You, Beth Cooper2009Comedy/Humor
I_LOVEI Love You, Man2009Comedy/Humor
DVD I NOWI Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry2007Comedy/Humor
DVD I THINKI Think I Love My Wife2007Comedy/Humor
DVD IDEIdentity Thief2013Comedy/Humor
IDLE_HIdle Hands1999Comedy/Humor
DVD IDIIdiocracy2006Comedy/Humor
DVD ILLI’ll See You in My Dreams2015Comedy/Humor
DVD IMAGINAImaginary Heroes2004Comedy/Humor
DVD IMMImmigration Tango2010Comedy/Humor
DVD IN AIn a World…2013Comedy/Humor
DVD IN BRUGESIn Bruges2008Comedy/Humor
DVD IN GOODIn Good Company2004Comedy/Humor
IN_HERIn Her Shoes2005Comedy/Humor
DVD IN THEIn the Loop2009Comedy/Humor
DVD INDIndian Summer1993Comedy/Humor
DVD INDIndiscreet1958Comedy/Humor
DVD INFINITInfinitely Polar Bear2014Comedy/Humor
DVD INTIntolerable Cruelty2003Comedy/Humor
DVD IT HAPPENEIt Happened One Night1934Comedy/Humor
DVD IT RUNSIt Runs in the Family2003Comedy/Humor
DVD ITSIt’s Complicated2009Comedy/Humor
DVD ITSIt’s Kind of a Funny Story2010Comedy/Humor
DVD JACJack and Jill2011Comedy/Humor
DVD JACJack Goes Boating2010Comedy/Humor
DVD JACKASS 3Jackass 32010Comedy/Humor
DVD BADJackass Presents Bad Grandpa2013Comedy/Humor
DVD JAKOBJakob the Liar/Moscow on the Hudson1999/1984Comedy/Humor
DVD JEFJeff Who Lives at Home2011Comedy/Humor
DVD JERRYJerry Maguire1996Comedy/Humor
DVD JERJersey Girl2004Comedy/Humor
DVD JEWJewtopia2012Comedy/Humor
DVD JOEJoe Dirt2001Comedy/Humor
DVD JOEJoe Versus the Volcano1990Comedy/Humor
JOHN_TJohn Tucker Must Die2006Comedy/Humor
DVD JOHJohnny English: Reborn2011Comedy/Humor
DVD JOYJoy2015Comedy/Humor
DVD JOYFUL RR*Joyful Noise2012Comedy/Humor
DVD JULJulie & Julia2009Comedy/Humor
DVD JUMJumping the Broom2011Comedy/Humor
DVD JUNJunebug2005Comedy/Humor
DVD JUNOJuno2007Comedy/Humor
DVD JUSJust Friends2005Comedy/Humor
DVD JUSTJust Go With It2011Comedy/Humor
JUST_LJust Like Heaven2005Comedy/Humor
DVD JUSJust My Luck2006Comedy/Humor
JUST_TJust the Ticket1999Comedy/Humor
DVD JUSJust Wright2010Comedy/Humor
KEANU RR*Keanu2016Comedy/Humor
DVD KEEKeeping Mum2005Comedy/Humor
KEEPINKeeping the Faith2000Comedy/Humor
KEEPINKeeping Up With The Joneses2016Comedy/Humor
DVD KEEKeeping Up With The Steins2006Comedy/Humor
DVD KICKINKickin’ It Old Skool2007Comedy/Humor
KICKINKicking & Screaming2005Comedy/Humor
DVD KILKillers2010Comedy/Humor
DVD KINKindergarten Cop1990Comedy/Humor
DVD KNOKnocked Up2007Comedy/Humor
DVD LIFL!fe Happens2011Comedy/Humor
CRITICCritical Condition1987Comedy/Humor
DVD LARLars and the Real Girl2007Comedy/Humor
DVD LASLast Holiday2006Comedy/Humor
DVD LASLast Vegas2013Comedy/Humor
LAWS_OLaws of Attraction2004Comedy/Humor
DVD LE WEEKENDLe Week-End2013Comedy/Humor
DVD LEALeap Year2010Comedy/Humor
SHININThe Shining1980Horror
DVD LEATHERLeatherheads2008Comedy/Humor
LEGALLLegally Blonde2001Comedy/Humor
DVD LEGALLY 2Legally Blonde 2: Red, White & Blonde2003Comedy/Humor
DVD LEGALLYLegally Blonde/Legally Blonde 2/Legally Blondes2001/2003/2009Comedy/Humor
DVD LETLet’s Be Cops2014Comedy/Humor
DVD LIBLibeled Lady1936Comedy/Humor
DVD LICLicense to Wed2007Comedy/Humor
DVD LIFLife of Crime2013Comedy/Humor
DVD LITLittle Fockers2010Comedy/Humor
DVD LITLittle Miss Sunshine2006Comedy/Humor
DVD LITTLELittle Nicky2000Comedy/Humor
DVD LOLLola Versus2012Comedy/Humor
LOOK_WLook Who’s Talking1989Comedy/Humor
DVD LOVLove & Other Drugs2010Comedy/Humor
DVD LOVLove Actually2003Comedy/Humor
DVD LOVLove Hurts2009Comedy/Humor
DVD LOVELove the Coopers2015Comedy/Humor
MASHM*A*S*H (MASH)1970Comedy/Humor
DVD MADMad Money2008Comedy/Humor
DVD MADMade of Honor2008Comedy/Humor
MAGGIEMaggie’s Plan2015Comedy/Humor
DVD MAGMagic In the Moonlight2014Comedy/Humor
DVD MAGICMagic Mike2012Comedy/Humor
DVD MAGIC RR*Magic Mike XXL2015Comedy/Humor
MAID_IMaid in Manhattan2002Comedy/Humor
MAJORMajor Payne/Sgt. Bilko1995/1996Comedy/Humor
DVD MANMan of the Year2006Comedy/Humor
DVD MANMan on the Moon1999Comedy/Humor
DVD MANManagement2008Comedy/Humor
MARCIMarci X2003Comedy/Humor
DVD MARMargot at the Wedding2007Comedy/Humor
DVD MARMarley & Me2008Comedy/Humor
MARRIAMarriage on the Rocks1965Comedy/Humor
DVD MARMarried Life2007Comedy/Humor
DVD MARMartian Child2007Comedy/Humor
DVD MATCHSTMatchstick Men2003Comedy/Humor
DVD MATERIAMaterial Girls2006Comedy/Humor
DVD MATMatt’s Chance2013Comedy/Humor
DVD ME ANDMe and You and Everyone We Know2005Comedy/Humor
ME_MYSMe, Myself & Irene2000Comedy/Humor
DVD MEAMean Girls2004Comedy/Humor
DVD MEATBALMeatballs1979Comedy/Humor
MEET_TMeet the Fockers2004Comedy/Humor
MEET_TMeet the Parents2000Comedy/Humor
DVD MEEMeet the Spartans2008Comedy/Humor
DVD MELMelinda and Melinda2004Comedy/Humor
DVD MIDMiddle Men2009Comedy/Humor
DVD MIDMidnight in Paris2011Comedy/Humor
MIKE_AMike and Dave Need Wedding Dates2016Comedy/Humor
DVD MIRMiracle on 34th Street1947Comedy/Humor
DVD MISSMiss Congeniality2000Comedy/Humor
DVD MISS 2Miss Congeniality 22005Comedy/Humor
DVD MISMiss Pettigrew Lives for a Day2008Comedy/Humor
DVD MISTERMister Roberts1955Comedy/Humor
DVD MOMMom’s Night Out2014Comedy/Humor
DVD MONMonkey Business1952Comedy/Humor
DVD MONMonkeybone2001Comedy/Humor
DVD MONMonster-In-Law2005Comedy/Humor
DVD MONTYMonty Python and the Holy Grail1975Comedy/Humor
MONTYMonty Python’s And Now For Something Completely Different1971Comedy/Humor
DVD MONTYMonty Python’s Life of Brian1979Comedy/Humor
TEXAS 2The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 21986Horror
MONTYMonty Python’s The Meaning of Life1983Comedy/Humor
DVD MOOMoonrise Kingdom2012Comedy/Humor
DVD MOOMoonstruck1987Comedy/Humor
MORNINMorning Glory2010Comedy/Humor
MORRISMorris From America2016Comedy/Humor
DVD MORTDECMortdecai2015Comedy/Humor
MOTHERMother’s Day2016Comedy/Humor
DVD MOVMovie 432013Comedy/Humor
MOVINGMoving McAllister2007Comedy/Humor
DVD MR THREEMr. 30002004Comedy/Humor
MR_CHUMr. Church2016Comedy/Humor
DVD MR DEEDSMr. Deeds2002Comedy/Humor
MR_RIGMr. Right2015Comedy/Humor
MR_SATMr. Saturday Night1992Comedy/Humor
DVD MR WOODCOCMr. Woodcock2007Comedy/Humor
MRS_DOMrs. Doubtfire1993Comedy/Humor
DVD MRSMrs. Henderson Presents2005Comedy/Humor
DVD MUCMuch Ado About Nothing1993Comedy/Humor
DVD MUCMuch Ado About Nothing2012Comedy/Humor
DVD MUSMusic and Lyrics2007Comedy/Humor
DVD MUSMust Love Dogs2005Comedy/Humor
MY_BESMy Best Friend’s Wedding1997Comedy/Humor
DVD MY BIGMy Big Fat Greek Wedding2002Comedy/Humor
MY_BIG 2My Big Fat Greek Wedding 22016Comedy/Humor
DVD MY COUSINMy Cousin Vinny1992Comedy/Humor
DVD MY LIFEMy Life in Ruins2009Comedy/Humor
DVD MY OLDMy Old Lady2014Comedy/Humor
DVD MY SASSYMy Sassy Girl2008Comedy/Humor
DVD MY SUPERMy Super Ex-Girlfriend2006Comedy/Humor
DVD MYSMystic Pizza1988Comedy/Humor
DVD NACNacho Libre2006Comedy/Humor
DVD NAPNapoleon Dynamite2004Comedy/Humor
DVD DORNational Lampoon Presents Dorm Daze2003Comedy/Humor
DVD NATIONANational Lampoon’s Animal House1978Comedy/Humor
DVD CHRISTMNational Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation1989Comedy/Humor
DVD NATIONANational Lampoon’s Vacation1983Comedy/Humor
DVD NATIONANational Lampoon’s Van Wilder2002Comedy/Humor
DVD NATNational Lampoon’s Van Wilder: The Rise of Taj2006Comedy/Humor
DVD NEINeighbors2014Comedy/Humor
NEIGHB 2Neighbors 22016Comedy/Humor
DVD NEWNew in Town2009Comedy/Humor
DVD NEW RR*New Year’s Eve2011Comedy/Humor
DVD NEWNew York, I Love You2008Comedy/Humor
DVD NEXNext Stop, Greenwich Village1976Comedy/Humor
DVD NIGNight Shift1982Comedy/Humor
DVD NINNine Months1995Comedy/Humor
NO_RESNo Reservations2007Comedy/Humor
DVD NO STRINGSNo Strings Attached2011Comedy/Humor
DVD NOTHINGNothing But Trouble1991Comedy/Humor
DVD NOTNothing Like the Holidays2008Comedy/Humor
DVD NOTNotting Hill1999Comedy/Humor
DVD O BROTHERO Brother, Where Art Thou?2000Comedy/Humor
DVD OBVObvious Child2014Comedy/Humor
DVD OCEANSOcean’s 11/Robin and the 7 Hoods1960/1964Comedy/Humor
OFFICEOffice Christmas Party2016Comedy/Humor
DVD OFFICEOffice Space1999Comedy/Humor
DVD OLDOld School2003Comedy/Humor
DVD ONEOne Fine Day1996Comedy/Humor
DVD ONEOne for the Money2012Comedy/Humor
DVD ONLYOnly You1994Comedy/Humor
DVD OUROur Family Wedding2010Comedy/Humor
DVD OUROur Idiot Brother2011Comedy/Humor
DVD OVERBOAOverboard1987Comedy/Humor
PS_I_LP.S. I Love You2007Comedy/Humor
DVD PS YOURP.S. Your Cat is Dead!2002Comedy/Humor
DVD PAPPaper Heart2009Comedy/Humor
DVD PARParadise2013Comedy/Humor
DVD PATPatch Adams1998Comedy/Humor
DVD PAUPaul2011Comedy/Humor
DVD PAUPaul Blart: Mall Cop2009Comedy/Humor
DVD PAUL 2Paul Blart: Mall Cop 22015Comedy/Humor
DVD PEAPeace, Love & Misunderstanding2011Comedy/Humor
DVD PEEPeep World2010Comedy/Humor
DVD PEEPeeples2013Comedy/Humor
DVD PEGPeggy Sue Got Married1986Comedy/Humor
DVD PINPineapple Express2008Comedy/Humor
DVD PIRATEPirate Radio2009Comedy/Humor
DVD PITPitch Perfect2012Comedy/Humor
DVD PLAPlanes, Trains and Automobiles1987Comedy/Humor
DVD PLAPlaying by Heart1998Comedy/Humor
DVD PLAPlaying for Keeps2012Comedy/Humor
DVD PLEASANPleasantville1998Comedy/Humor
DVD PLEPlease Don’t Eat the Daisies1960Comedy/Humor
DVD PLEPlease Give2010Comedy/Humor
POPSTAPopstar: Never Stop Never Stopping2016Comedy/Humor
DVD POSPost Grad2009Comedy/Humor
DVD PREPretty in Pink1986Comedy/Humor
DVD PRIDEPride2014Comedy/Humor
DVD PRIPrince Avalanche2013Comedy/Humor
DVD PRIPrivate Benjamin1980Comedy/Humor
DVD PUMPPump Up the Volume1990Comedy/Humor
PUNCHPunch-Drunk Love2002Comedy/Humor
DVD QUAQuartet2012Comedy/Humor
DVD RACRachel Getting Married2008Comedy/Humor
DVD RAIRaising Helen2004Comedy/Humor
DVD RENReno 911!: Miami2007Comedy/Humor
DVD RETURNReturn to Horror High1987Comedy/Humor
DVD RETReturn to Me2000Comedy/Humor
DVD REVRevenge of the Bridesmaids2010Comedy/Humor
DVD RICKIRicki and the Flash2015Comedy/Humor
DVD RIDRide Along2014Comedy/Humor
DVD RIDE 2Ride Along 22016Comedy/Humor
DVD RIDINGRiding in Cars With Boys2001Comedy/Humor
DVD ROBRobin Hood Men In Tights1993Comedy/Humor
DVD ROBRobot & Frank2012Comedy/Humor
DVD ROCKRock of Ages2012Comedy/Humor
DVD ROLRole Models2008Comedy/Humor
DVD ROMRoman Holiday1953Comedy/Humor
DVD ROSRosencrantz & Guildenstern Are Dead1990Comedy/Humor
DVD RUBRuby Sparks2012Comedy/Humor
RUMORRumor Has It…2005Comedy/Humor
DVD RUNRun Fatboy Run2007Comedy/Humor
DVD RUNAWAYRunaway Bride1999Comedy/Humor
DVD RUNRunning Scared1986Comedy/Humor
DVD RUTRuthless People1986Comedy/Humor
DVD RVRV2006Comedy/Humor
DVD SIMONES1M0NE2002Comedy/Humor
DVD SABSabrina1954Comedy/Humor
DVD SAFSafety Not Guaranteed2012Comedy/Humor
DVD SALSalmon Fishing in the Yemen2011Comedy/Humor
DVD SAVSavages2007Comedy/Humor
DVD SAVSave the Date2012Comedy/Humor
DVD SAVSaving Mr. Banks2013Comedy/Humor
SAY_ANSay Anything1989Comedy/Humor
DVD SCARYScary Movie2000Comedy/Humor
DVD SCARY 2Scary Movie 22001Comedy/Humor
DVD SCARY 3Scary Movie 32003Comedy/Humor
SCARY 4Scary Movie 42006Comedy/Humor
DVD SCARY 5Scary Movie 52013Comedy/Humor
DVD SCHSchool of Rock2003Comedy/Humor
SECONDSecondhand Lions2003Comedy/Humor
DVD SEESeeking a Friend For the End of the World2012Comedy/Humor
DVD SEMSemi-Pro2008Comedy/Humor
DVD SENSend Me No Flowers1964Comedy/Humor
DVD SERSerendipity2001Comedy/Humor
SERVINServing Sara2002Comedy/Humor
DVD SEVSeven Psychopaths2012Comedy/Humor
DVD SEXSex and the City: The Movie2008Comedy/Humor
DVD SEXSex and the City/Sex and the City 22008/2010Comedy/Humor
DVD SEXSex Tape2014Comedy/Humor
DVD SHAShall We Dance?2004Comedy/Humor
SHALLOShallow Hal2001Comedy/Humor
DVD SHAShanghai Noon2000Comedy/Humor
DVD SHAShaun of the Dead2004Comedy/Humor
DVD SHEShe’s Out Of My League2010Comedy/Humor
DVD SHIShirley Temple Classics1942Comedy/Humor
DVD SHOShopgirl2005Comedy/Humor
DVD SIDSideways2004Comedy/Humor
DVD SILSilver Linings Playbook2012Comedy/Humor
DVD SISTERSSisters2015Comedy/Humor
DVD SIXSixteen Candles1984Comedy/Humor
DVD SLEEPLESleepless in Seattle1993Comedy/Humor
DVD SLESleepwalk With Me2012Comedy/Humor
SLIDINSliding Doors1998Comedy/Humor
DVD SMASmart People2008Comedy/Humor
DVD SMOSmoke1995Comedy/Humor
DVD SOLSolitary Man2009Comedy/Humor
DVD SOMSome Girl(s)2013Comedy/Humor
DVD SOMSomething Borrowed2011Comedy/Humor
DVD SOMSomething New2006Comedy/Humor
DVD SOMSomething’s Gotta Give2003Comedy/Humor
DVD SOUSoul Men2008Comedy/Humor
DVD SPISpies Like Us1985Comedy/Humor
DVD SPLSplash1984Comedy/Humor
DVD SPRSpring Breakers2012Comedy/Humor
DVD ST VINCENTSt. Vincent2014Comedy/Humor
DVD STARSKYStarsky & Hutch2004Comedy/Humor
DVD STESteel Magnolias1989Comedy/Humor
DVD STEStep Brothers2008Comedy/Humor
DVD STRANGEStrange Brew1983Comedy/Humor
DVD STRStranger than Fiction2006Comedy/Humor
DVD STRStrangers With Candy2005Comedy/Humor
DVD STUStuck in Love2012Comedy/Humor
DVD STUStuck on You2003Comedy/Humor
DVD SUBSubmarine2010Comedy/Humor
DVD SUICIDESuicide Kings1997Comedy/Humor
DVD SUMSummer Catch2001Comedy/Humor
DVD SUNSunshine Cleaning2008Comedy/Humor
DVD SUPSuper2010Comedy/Humor
DVD SUPSuperbad2007Comedy/Humor
DVD SWESweet Home Alabama2002Comedy/Humor
DVD SWISwing Vote2008Comedy/Humor
DVD SWISwingers1996Comedy/Humor
SWISSSwiss Army Man2016Comedy/Humor
DVD SYRSyrup2013Comedy/Humor
DVD TADTadpole2000Comedy/Humor
DVD TAKTake Me Home Tonight2011Comedy/Humor
MAN_APA Man Apart2003Action/Adventure
DVD TAKTake This Waltz2011Comedy/Humor
DVD TAKTaking Woodstock2009Comedy/Humor
TALLADTalladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby2006Comedy/Humor
DVD TAMTamara Drewe2010Comedy/Humor
DVD TAM RR*Tammy2014Comedy/Humor
DVD TANTanner on Tanner2004Comedy/Humor
TEACHETeacher’s Pet1958Comedy/Humor
DVD TEDTed2012Comedy/Humor
DVD TED 2Ted 22015Comedy/Humor
DVD TERTerms of Endearment1983Comedy/Humor
DVD THAThanks for Sharing2012Comedy/Humor
DVD THAThat Awkward Moment2014Comedy/Humor
DVD THAThat’s My Boy2012Comedy/Humor
DVD FORTYThe 40-Year-Old Virgin2005Comedy/Humor
DVD AMERICAThe American President1995Comedy/Humor
DVD APAThe Apartment1960Comedy/Humor
DVD ARTThe Artist2011Comedy/Humor
BANGERThe Banger Sisters2002Comedy/Humor
DVD HARThe Beatles “A Hard Day’s Night”1964Comedy/Humor
DVD BESThe Best Exotic Marigold Hotel2011Comedy/Humor
DVD BESThe Best Man Holiday2013Comedy/Humor
DVD BESTThe Best of Bob Hope1952/1947Comedy/Humor
DVD BIGThe Big Bounce2004Comedy/Humor
DVD BIGThe Big Year2011Comedy/Humor
BOSSThe Boss2016Comedy/Humor
DVD BRADYThe Brady Bunch Movie1995Comedy/Humor
DVD BREThe Breakfast Club1985Comedy/Humor
BREAKThe Break-Up2006Comedy/Humor
BRONZEThe Bronze2015Comedy/Humor
BROTHEThe Brothers Grimsby2016Comedy/Humor
DVD BUCThe Bucket List2007Comedy/Humor
DVD CAMPAIGThe Campaign2012Comedy/Humor
DVD COBBLERThe Cobbler2014Comedy/Humor
DVD COMThe Commitments1991Comedy/Humor
DVD COOThe Cooler2003Comedy/Humor
DVD CURThe Curse of the Jade Scorpion2001Comedy/Humor
DVD DANThe Dangerous Lives of Altar Boys2002Comedy/Humor
DVD DARThe Darjeeling Limited2007Comedy/Humor
DVD DEVThe Devil Wears Prada2006Comedy/Humor
DVD DILThe Dilemma2011Comedy/Humor
DVD DUFFThe Duff2015Comedy/Humor
DVD EXTThe Extra Man2010Comedy/Humor
DVD FAMThe Family2013Comedy/Humor
FAMILYThe Family Man2000Comedy/Humor
DVD FAMThe Family Stone2005Comedy/Humor
FIGHTIThe Fighting Temptations2003Comedy/Humor
DVD FOURThe Four Seasons1981Comedy/Humor
DVD FULThe Full Monty1997Comedy/Humor
GOOD_GThe Good Girl2002Comedy/Humor
DVD GOOThe Goodbye Girl2004Comedy/Humor
DVD GOOThe Goods: Live Hard, Sell Hard2009Comedy/Humor
DVD GRAThe Graduate1967Comedy/Humor
DVD GRAThe Grand Budapest Hotel2014Comedy/Humor
DVD GRAThe Grand Seduction2013Comedy/Humor
DVD GREATThe Great Outdoors1988Comedy/Humor
DVD GREThe Great Race1965Comedy/Humor
DVD GUAThe Guard2011Comedy/Humor
DVD GUIThe Guilt Trip2012Comedy/Humor
DVD HANThe Hangover2009Comedy/Humor
DVD HANGOVE II RR*The Hangover: Part II2011Comedy/Humor
DVD HANGOVE IIIThe Hangover: Part III2013Comedy/Humor
DVD HEAThe Heart Specialist2006Comedy/Humor
DVD HISThe History Boys2006Comedy/Humor
DVD HOAThe Hoax2006Comedy/Humor
HOLIDAThe Holiday2006Comedy/Humor
HOT_CHThe Hot Chick2002Comedy/Humor
HOUSEThe House Bunny2008Comedy/Humor
DVD ICEThe Ice Harvest2005Comedy/Humor
DVD IMPThe Importance of Being Earnest2002Comedy/Humor
DVD INCREDI RR*The Incredible Burt Wonderstone2013Comedy/Humor
DVD INFThe Informant!2009Comedy/Humor
INLAWSThe In-Laws/The In-Laws1979/2003Comedy/Humor
INLAWSThe In-Laws2003Comedy/Humor
WONDERWonder Woman2017Action/Adventure
TANK_GTank Girl1995Action/Adventure - Blu-ray
DVD INTERNThe Intern2015Comedy/Humor
DVD INTThe Internship2013Comedy/Humor
DVD INTThe Interview2014Comedy/Humor
DVD JANThe Jane Austen Book Club2007Comedy/Humor
DVD JIMThe Jimmy Show2001Comedy/Humor
DVD JONThe Jone$es2009Comedy/Humor
DVD KENThe Kentucky Fried Movie1977Comedy/Humor
DVD KIDThe Kid2000Comedy/Humor
DVD KIDThe Kids Are All Right2010Comedy/Humor
DVD KINThe Kings of Summer2013Comedy/Humor
DVD LADYThe Lady in the Van2015Comedy/Humor
DVD LADThe Lady Vanishes1938Comedy/Humor
DVD LADThe Ladykillers2004Comedy/Humor
DVD LASThe Last Kiss2006Comedy/Humor
LOBSTEThe Lobster2015Comedy/Humor
LONGESThe Longest Yard2005Comedy/Humor
DVD LOVThe Love Guru2008Comedy/Humor
DVD MAGThe Magic of Belle Isle2012Comedy/Humor
DVD MATThe Matador2005Comedy/Humor
MEDDLEThe Meddler2015Comedy/Humor
DVD MENThe Men Who Stare at Goats2009Comedy/Humor
DVD NANThe Nanny Diaries2007Comedy/Humor
NEXT_BThe Next Best Thing2000Comedy/Humor
NICE_G RR*The Nice Guys2016Comedy/Humor
DVD NIGHTThe Night Before2015Comedy/Humor
OBJECTThe Object of Beauty1991Comedy/Humor
BIG_SIThe Big Sick2017Comedy/Humor - Blu-ray
BIG_SIThe Big Sick2017Comedy/Humor
DVD ORAThe Oranges2011Comedy/Humor
DVD OTHThe Other Guys2010Comedy/Humor
DVD OTHThe Other Woman2014Comedy/Humor
DVD OVERNIGThe Overnight2015Comedy/Humor
DVD PERThe Perfect Host2010Comedy/Humor
DVD PERThe Perfect Score2004Comedy/Humor
DVD PHILADEThe Philadelphia Story1940Comedy/Humor
DVD PINKThe Pink Panther2006Comedy/Humor
DVD PINK 2The Pink Panther 22009Comedy/Humor
DVD PRINCEThe Prince & Me2004Comedy/Humor
DVD PRINCE IIThe Prince & Me 2: The Royal Wedding2006Comedy/Humor
DVD PROThe Proposal2009Comedy/Humor
DVD REWRITEThe Rewrite2014Comedy/Humor
RINGERThe Ringer2005Comedy/Humor
DVD ROYThe Royal Tenenbaums2001Comedy/Humor
DVD RUSSIANThe Russians Are Coming, The Russians Are Coming1966Comedy/Humor
DVD SAPThe Sapphires2012Comedy/Humor
DVD SCIThe Science of Sleep2006Comedy/Humor
DVD SECONDThe Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel2015Comedy/Humor
DVD SECThe Secret Life of Walter Mitty2013Comedy/Humor
DVD SESThe Sessions2012Comedy/Humor
SHRINKThe Shrink Is In2001Comedy/Humor
DVD SISThe Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants2005Comedy/Humor
DVD SISTERH 2The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 22008Comedy/Humor
DVD SPEThe Spectacular Now2013Comedy/Humor
DVD SQUThe Squid and the Whale2005Comedy/Humor
DVD STAThe Station Agent2003Comedy/Humor
STEPFOThe Stepford Wives2004Comedy/Humor
DVD STIThe Sting1973Comedy/Humor
DVD SUNThe Sunshine Boys1975Comedy/Humor
DVD SWEThe Sweetest Thing2002Comedy/Humor
DVD SWIThe Switch2010Comedy/Humor
DVD TEMThe Tempest2010Comedy/Humor
DVD TERMINAThe Terminal2004Comedy/Humor
THINGThe Thing Called Love1993Comedy/Humor
DVD THRThe Three Stooges2012Comedy/Humor
TO_DOThe To Do List2013Comedy/Humor
DVD TRIThe Trip2010Comedy/Humor
DVD UGLThe Ugly Truth2009Comedy/Humor
DVD UPSThe Upside of Anger2005Comedy/Humor
WATCHThe Watch2012Comedy/Humor
DVD WATThe Way2010Comedy/Humor
DVD WAYThe Way Way Back2013Comedy/Humor
DVD WEAThe Weather Man2005Comedy/Humor
WEDDINThe Wedding Date2005Comedy/Humor
DVD WEDThe Wedding Pact2014Comedy/Humor
WEDDINThe Wedding Planner2001Comedy/Humor
DVD WEDDINGThe Wedding Ringer2015Comedy/Humor
DVD WEDDINGThe Wedding Singer1998Comedy/Humor
DVD WOLThe Wolf of Wall Street2013Comedy/Humor
DVD WOMThe Women2008Comedy/Humor
DVD WORThe World’s End2013Comedy/Humor
DVD THEThen She Found Me2007Comedy/Humor
DVD THEThere’s Something About Mary1998Comedy/Humor
DVD THEThey Came Together2014Comedy/Humor
DVD THIThin Ice2011Comedy/Humor
DVD THIThink Like a Man2012Comedy/Humor
DVD THIThink Like a Man Too2014Comedy/Humor
DVD THIThis is 402012Comedy/Humor
DVD THIThis is Spinal Tap1984Comedy/Humor
DVD THIThis is the End2013Comedy/Humor
DVD THIThis is Where I Leave You2014Comedy/Humor
DVD THRThree Men and a Baby1987Comedy/Humor
THREEThree Men and a Little Lady1990Comedy/Humor
DVD TO ROMETo Rome With Love2012Comedy/Humor
DVD TO WONGTo Wong Foo, Thanks For Everything, Julie Newmar1995Comedy/Humor
DVD TOOTootsie1982Comedy/Humor
DVD TOPTop Five2014Comedy/Humor
DVD TOPTop Secret!1984Comedy/Humor
DVD TOPTopsy-Turvy1999Comedy/Humor
DVD TOYToys1992Comedy/Humor
DVD TRAINWRTrainwreck2015Comedy/Humor
DVD TRATransamerica2005Comedy/Humor
DVD TRATrapped in Paradise1994Comedy/Humor
DVD TRITristram Shandy: A Cock & Bull Story2005Comedy/Humor
DVD TROTropic Thunder2008Comedy/Humor
DVD TURTurner & Hooch1989Comedy/Humor
TWO_WETwo Weeks2006Comedy/Humor
DVD TWOTwo Weeks Notice2002Comedy/Humor
DVD MADEATyler Perry’s A Madea Christmas2013Comedy/Humor
DVD DIARYTyler Perry’s Diary of a Mad Black Woman2005Comedy/Humor
DVD GOOTyler Perry’s Good Deeds2012Comedy/Humor
DVD I CANTyler Perry’s I Can Do Bad All By Myself2009Comedy/Humor
DVD MADEATyler Perry’s Madea Goes to Jail2009Comedy/Humor
MADEASMadea's Class Reunion2003Comedy/Humor
DVD MADTyler Perry’s Madea’s Big Happy Family2011Comedy/Humor
DVD MADEASTyler Perry’s Madea’s Big Happy Family: The Play2010Comedy/Humor
DVD MADEASTyler Perry’s Madea’s Family Reunion: The Play2002Comedy/Humor
DVD MADTyler Perry’s Madea’s Witness Protection2012Comedy/Humor
DVD MEETTyler Perry’s Meet the Browns2008Comedy/Humor
DVD UNCUncle Buck1989Comedy/Humor
UNDERUnder the Tuscan Sun2003Comedy/Humor
DVD UNFINISUnfinished Business2015Comedy/Humor
DVD UP INUp In the Air2009Comedy/Humor
DVD UPTUptown Girls2003Comedy/Humor
DVD VACATIOVacation2015Comedy/Humor
DVD VAMVampires Suck2010Comedy/Humor
DVD VEGASVegas Vacation1997Comedy/Humor
DVD VICVicky Cristina Barcelona2008Comedy/Humor
DVD WAGWag the Dog1997Comedy/Humor
DVD WAIWaitress2007Comedy/Humor
WAKINGWaking Ned Devine1998Comedy/Humor
DVD WALWalk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story2007Comedy/Humor
DVD WALWalk of Shame2014Comedy/Humor
DVD WANWanderlust2012Comedy/Humor
WAR_DO RR*War Dogs2016Comedy/Humor
DVD WARWarm Bodies2013Comedy/Humor
DVD WE BOUGHTWe Bought a Zoo2011Comedy/Humor
DVD WERE RR*We’re the Millers2013Comedy/Humor
DVD WEDWedding Crashers2005Comedy/Humor
DVD WELCOMEWelcome To Me2014Comedy/Humor
DVD WHAWhat Just Happened2008Comedy/Humor
DVD WHAWhat the Bleep Do We Know!?2004Comedy/Humor
ZOOKEEThe Zookeeper's Wife2017Drama - Blu-ray
DVD WHAWhat to Expect When You’re Expecting2012Comedy/Humor
DVD WHATWhat We Do In The Shadows2014Comedy/Humor
WHATSWhat’s Your Number?2011Comedy/Humor
WHATEVWhatever It Takes2000Comedy/Humor
DVD WHAWhatever Works2009Comedy/Humor
DVD WHEWhen Harry Met Sally1989Comedy/Humor
DVD WHEWhen in Rome2010Comedy/Humor
WHEREWhere the Heart Is2000Comedy/Humor
DVD WHILEWhile We’re Young2014Comedy/Humor
WHILEWhile You Were Sleeping1995Comedy/Humor
DVD WHIWhip It2009Comedy/Humor
WHISKEWhiskey Tango Foxtrot2016Comedy/Humor
DVD WHOWho’s Harry Crumb?1989Comedy/Humor
WHY_HIWhy Him?2016Comedy/Humor
DVD WIFWife Versus Secretary1936Comedy/Humor
DVD WILWild Hogs2007Comedy/Humor
DVD WILWild Target2010Comedy/Humor
DVD WIMWimbledon2004Comedy/Humor
WIN_AWin a Date With Tad Hamilton2004Comedy/Humor
DVD WINWin Win2011Comedy/Humor
DVD WISWish I Was Here2014Comedy/Humor
DVD WITWith Honors1994Comedy/Humor
DVD WITWithout a Paddle2004Comedy/Humor
WORKINWorking Girl1988Comedy/Humor
DVD YEAYear One2009Comedy/Humor
YES_MAYes Man2008Comedy/Humor
DVD YOUYou Again2010Comedy/Humor
DVD YOUYou Don’t Mess With the Zohan2008Comedy/Humor
DVD YOUYou Kill Me2007Comedy/Humor
DVD YOUYou, Me and Dupree2006Comedy/Humor
DVD YOUYou Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger2010Comedy/Humor
DVD YOUYou’re So Cupid2010Comedy/Humor
DVD YOUVEYou’ve Got Mail1998Comedy/Humor
DVD YOUYoung Adult2011Comedy/Humor
DVD YOUYour Highness2011Comedy/Humor
DVD YOUYour Sister’s Sister2011Comedy/Humor
DVD YOUYouth in Revolt2009Comedy/Humor
DVD ZACZack and Miri2008Comedy/Humor
DVD ZOMZombieland2009Comedy/Humor
DVD ZOOZookeeper2011Comedy/Humor
DVD ZOOLANDZoolander2001Comedy/Humor
ZOOLAN 2Zoolander No. 2: The Magnum Edition2016Comedy/Humor
TEN_CL10 Cloverfield Lane2016Drama
DVD TWE12 Angry Men1957Drama
DVD TWE12 Years a Slave2013Drama
DVD TWE21 Grams2003Drama
DVD TWE25th Hour2002Drama
DVD THR3602011Drama
DVD FORTYTW RR*42: The Jackie Robinson Story2013Drama
FORTY45 Years2015Drama
DVD FIVE5 Flights Up2014Drama
DVD FIFTY50 to 12014Drama
DVD SEVEN7E2013Drama
DVD EIGHT8 Mile2002Drama
DVD EIG88 Minutes2007Drama
BEAUTIA Beautiful Mind2001Drama
DVD BETA Better Life2011Drama
BRIDGEA Bridge Too Far1977Drama
DVD CHRA Christmas Carol1951Drama
DVD DANA Dangerous Method2011Drama
DVD HISA History of Violence2005Drama
DVD HOMA Home at the End of the World2004Drama
DVD LATA Late Quartet2012Drama
DVD LESA Lesson Before Dying1999Drama
DVD MANA Man For All Seasons1966Drama
DVD MIGA Mighty Heart2007Drama
DVD PLAA Place in the Sun1951Drama
DVD PLAA Place to Grow1998Drama
RIVERA River Runs Through It1992Drama
ROUGHRough Night2017Comedy/Humor
DVD SINA Single Shot2013Drama
DVD STRA Stranger in Town1995Drama
DVD STRA Streetcar Named Desire1951Drama
DVD SUMA Summer in Genoa2008Drama
DVD TIMEA Time to Kill1996Drama
DVD WALA Walk Among the Tombstones2014Drama
DVD WALA Walk in the Clouds1995Drama
DVD ADDAddicted2014Drama
AGAINSAgainst the Ropes2004Drama
DVD AINAin’t Them Bodies Saints2013Drama
DVD ALBERTAlbert Nobbs2011Drama
DVD ALIAlice Doesn’t Live Here Anymore1974Drama
DVD ALLAll About Eve1950Drama
DVD ALLAll Quiet on the Western Front1930Drama
DVD ALLAll the President’s Men1976Drama
DVD ALLAll the Real Girls2003Drama
DVD ALLAll You’ve Got2006Drama
DVD ALTAltered States1980Drama
DVD AMAAmadeus1984Drama
DVD AMEAmerican Beauty1999Drama
DVD AMERICAmerican Psycho2000Drama
DVD AMIAmish Grace2010Drama
DVD AMIAmistad1997Drama
DVD AFFAn Affair to Remember1957Drama
DVD UNFINISAn Unfinished Life2005Drama
DVD ANAAnastasia1956Drama
DVD ANDAnd Starring Pancho Villa as Himself2003Drama
DVD ANIAnimal Kingdom2010Drama
DVD ANNAnna Nicole2013Drama
DVD ANNAnnapolis2006Drama
DVD ANOAnonymous2011Drama
DVD ANTAntwone Fisher2002Drama
DVD ANYAny Given Sunday1999Drama
DVD ARBArbitrage2012Drama
DVD AS IAs I Lay Dying2013Drama
DVD AS YOUAs You Like It2006Drama
DVD ASKAsk the Dust2006Drama
DVD AT ANYAt Any Price2012Drama
DVD ATLAS 1Atlas Shrugged: Part One2011Drama
AUGUSTAugust Rush2007Drama
DVD AUGAugust: Osage County2013Drama
DVD AUTOAuto Focus2002Drama
DVD AWAAway From Her2006Drama
DVD BANBang the Drum Slowly1973Drama
DVD BARRYBarry Lyndon1975Drama
DVD BATBattle of the Year2013Drama
DVD BEABeastly2011Drama
DVD BEABeasts of the Southern Wild2012Drama
DVD BEABeautiful Boy2010Drama
DVD BEABeautiful Creatures2013Drama
DVD BECBecket1964Drama
DVD BEEBee Season2005Drama
DVD BEGBeginners2010Drama
DVD BEHBehind the Candelabra2013Drama
DVD BEIBeing Julia2004Drama
DVD BELBella2006Drama
DVD BENBenedict Arnold: A Question of Honor2003Drama
DVD BENBen-Hur/The Ten Commandments1959/1956Drama
DVD BEYONDBeyond the Reach2014Drama
DVD BEYBeyond the Sea2004Drama
DVD BIGBig Eyes2014Drama
DVD BIGBig Fish2003Drama
DVD BIGBig Sur2013Drama
DVD BLACKBlack Mass2015Drama
DVD BLACKBlack or White2014Drama
DVD BLABlack Swan2010Drama
DVD BLOODBlood In, Blood Out: Bound By Honor1993Drama
DVD BLOWBlow2001Drama
DVD BLUE 2Blue Crush 22011Drama
DVD BLUBlue Valentine2010Drama
DVD BOBBobby2006Drama
DVD BODBodies, Rest & Motion1993Drama
DVD BONBonnie & Clyde2013Drama
DVD BOULEVABoulevard2014Drama
DVD BOYBoyhood2014Drama
DVD BOYBoyz n the Hood1991Drama
BREAKIBreaking and Entering2006Drama
DVD BRIBrian’s Song1971Drama
DVD BRIBrick Lane2007Drama
DVD BRIBrideshead Revisited2008Drama
DVD BRIDGEBridge of Spies2015Drama
DVD BROKEBABrokeback Mountain2005Drama
DVD BROBroken2012Drama
DVD BROBroken Bridges2006Drama
DVD BROBroken City2013Drama
DVD BROOKLYBrooklyn2015Drama
DVD BROBrooklyn’s Finest2009Drama
DVD BROBrothers2009Drama
DVD BRUBrush With Fate2003Drama
DVD BURBuried2010Drama
DVD BURBurlesque2010Drama
DVD BURBurton and Taylor2013Drama
BY_THEBy the Sea2015Drama
DVD CADCadillac Records2008Drama
DVD CAKECake2014Drama
DVD CAPCapote2005Drama
DVD CAROLCarol2015Drama
DVD CASCasablanca1942Drama
DVD CASCasino1995Drama
DVD CASCassandra’s Dream2007Drama
CATCHCatch Me If You Can2002Drama
DVD CHAChanging Hearts2002Drama
CHANGIChanging Lanes2002Drama
DVD CHARIOTChariots of Fire1981Drama
DVD CHACharlotte Gray2001Drama
DVD CHAChasing Mavericks2012Drama
DVD CHILDChild 442015Drama
DVD CHOChocolat2000Drama
DVD CINDERECinderella Man2005Drama
DVD CITCity of Ghosts2002Drama
DVD CLEClean and Sober1988Drama
DVD CLOCloser2004Drama
BAYWATBaywatch2017Comedy/Humor - Blu-ray
DVD CLOUDSClouds of Sils Maria2014Drama
DVD COACoach Carter2005Drama
COACHCoach of the Year1980Drama
DVD COACoal Miner’s Daughter1980Drama
DVD CODCode 462003Drama
DVD COLDCold Creek Manor2003Drama
DVD COLCold Mountain2003Drama
DVD COLLATECollateral2004Drama
COLLAT RR*Collateral Beauty2016Drama
DVD COMCome Early Morning2006Drama
DVD CONCUSSConcussion2015Drama
DVD CONConfidence2003Drama
DVD CONTAGI RR*Contagion2011Drama
DVD CONControl2007Drama
DVD COOCool Hand Luke1967Drama
DVD COSCosmopolis2012Drama
DVD COUCountry Strong2010Drama
DVD COUCourageous2011Drama
DVD CRACradle Will Rock1999Drama
DVD CRACrash2004Drama
DVD CRACrazy Heart2009Drama
DVD CREEDCreed2015Drama
CRIMINCriminal Desire (Lovers and Liars)1998Drama
DVD CROCrooked Arrows2012Drama
DVD CROCrossing Over2009Drama
DVD CRUCruel Intentions1999Drama
DVD CRUEL 2Cruel Intentions 22000Drama
DVD DALDallas Buyers Club2013Drama
DVD DEADead Poets Society1989Drama
DEAD_SDead Silent1999Drama
DVD DEADeadly Drifter/Blood Tide1982/1982Drama
DVD DEADear Frankie2004Drama
DVD DELDe-Lovely2004Drama
DEMOLI RR*Demolition2015Drama
DVD DERDerailed2005Drama
DVD DEVILSDevil’s Advocate1997Drama
DVD DEVDevil’s Knot2013Drama
DVD DIADiana2013Drama
BABY_DBaby Driver2017Action/Adventure
BABY_DBaby Driver2017Action/Adventure - Blu-ray
DVD DINERDiner1982Drama
DVD DINDinner Rush2000Drama
DVD DIRDirty Dancing1987Drama
DVD DISDisturbia2007Drama
DVD DIVDivine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood2002Drama
DO_YOUDo You Believe?2015Drama
DVD DOCDoctor Zhivago1965Drama
DVD DOGDog Day Afternoon1975Drama
DVD DOGDog Day Afternoon/Serpico1975/1973Drama
DVD DOGDogville2003Drama
DVD DONDon Jon2013Drama
DVD DONDonnie Brasco1997Drama
DVD DONDonnie Darko2001Drama
DVD DONTDon’t Come Knocking2005Drama
DVD DRADraft Day2014Drama
DVD DRADragonfly2002Drama
DVD DRIDrive2011Drama
DVD DYIDying Young1991Drama
DVD EASEast of Eden1955Drama
DVD EASEastern Promises2007Drama
DVD EASEasy Rider1969Drama
DVD EIGEight Men Out1988Drama
PROMISThe Promise2016Drama
DVD ELIElizabeth1998Drama
DVD ELIZABEElizabeth I2005Drama
DVD ELIElizabeth: The Golden Age2007Drama
DVD EMPEmperor2012Drama
DVD EMPEmpire2002Drama
DVD EMPIREEmpire of the Sun1987Drama
DVD ENDEnd of the Spear2005Drama
DVD ENDEndless Love2014Drama
DVD ENEEnemy at the Gates2001Drama
DVD ENTEntertaining Angels: The Dorothy Day Story1996Drama
DVD ERIErin Brockovich2000Drama
DVD ETERNALEternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind2004Drama
NEVERNever Die Alone2004Action/Adventure
DVD EVEEverybody’s Fine2009Drama
DVD EXTExtraordinary Measures2010Drama
DVD EXTREME RR*Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close2011Drama
EYE_INEye in the Sky2015Drama
DVD FACFacing the Giants2006Drama
DVD FAIFair Game2010Drama
DVD FARFar From Heaven2002Drama
DVD FARFargo1996Drama
DVD FATFatal Attraction1987Drama
DVD FIEField of Dreams1989Drama
DVD FIGFight Club1999Drama
FINDINFinding Neverland2004Drama
DVD FIRFireflies in the Garden2008Drama
TOMMYSTommy's Honour2016Drama
DVD FIRFireproof2008Drama
DVD FIRFirst Snow2006Drama
DVD FLAFlash of Genius2008Drama
DVD FLAFlashdance1983Drama
DVD FLIFlight2012Drama
DVD FOCUSFocus2001Drama
FOLLOWFollow the River1995Drama
DVD FORFor Colored Girls2010Drama
DVD FORForrest Gump1994Drama
DVD FOXCATCFoxcatcher2014Drama
DVD FRAGMENFragments2008Drama
DVD FRAFrankie & Alice2010Drama
DVD FREFreedom Writers2007Drama
DVD FREQUENFrequency2000Drama
DVD FRIFriday Night Lights2004Drama
DVD FRIFried Green Tomatoes1991Drama
DVD FROFrom Here to Eternity1953Drama
DVD FROSTFrost/Nixon2008Drama
GET_OUGet Out2017Horror
GET_OUGet Out2017Horror - Blu-ray
DVD FROFrozen River2008Drama
DVD FRUFruitvale Station2013Drama
DVD FULLFull Metal Jacket1987Drama
DVD GANDHIGandhi1982Drama
DVD GANGangs of New York2002Drama
DVD GARGarden of Eden2008Drama
DVD GASGaslight1944Drama
DVD GETGet On Up2014Drama
DVD GIAGiant1956Drama
DVD GILGilda1946Drama
DVD GINGinger & Rosa2012Drama
DVD GIRGirl With a Pearl Earring2003Drama
DVD GIVGive My Regards to Broad Street1984Drama
DVD GLEGlengarry GlenRoss1992Drama
DVD GLORYGlory Road2006Drama
DVD GODGod’s Not Dead2014Drama
GODS_N 2God’s Not Dead 22016Drama
DVD GODSGods and Generals2003Drama
DVD GODGods and Monsters1998Drama
DVD GODGodsend2004Drama
DVD GONGone With the Wind1939Drama
DVD GOODGood2008Drama
DVD GOOGood Neighbors2010Drama
DVD GOOGood Night, and Good Luck.2005Drama
DVD GOOGood Will Hunting1997Drama
DVD GOODFELGoodfellas1990Drama
DVD GOYASGoya’s Ghosts2006Drama
DVD GRAGrace is Gone2007Drama
DVD GRAGrace Unplugged2013Drama
DVD GRAGran Torino2008Drama
DVD GRAGrand Canyon1991Drama
DVD GRANDGrand Hotel1932Drama
DVD GREGrey Gardens2009Drama
DVD GRIGridiron Gang2006Drama
DVD GUILTYGuilty by Suspicion1991Drama
HACKSAHacksaw Ridge2016Drama
DVD HALFHalf Nelson2006Drama
DVD HAMHamlet2000Drama
DVD HARHard Candy2005Drama
DVD HEAHearts in Atlantis2001Drama
DVD HEAHeaven2002Drama
DVD HEAHeaven is for Real2014Drama
DVD HEAHeavens Fall2006Drama
DVD HELHelen2009Drama
DVD HER RR*Her2013Drama
DVD HERHereafter2010Drama
DVD HESHesher2010Drama
DVD HIGHigh Crimes2002Drama
DVD HITHitchcock2012Drama
DVD HOMHome Again2012Drama
DVD HOMHome Run2013Drama
DVD HOOHoosiers1986Drama
DVD HOTHotel Rwanda2004Drama
DVD HOURSHours2013Drama
DVD HOUHouse of Sand and Fog2003Drama
DVD HOUHouse of Versace2013Drama
DVD HOWHow I Live Now2013Drama
DVD I AMI Am Legend2007Drama
I_AM_SI Am Sam2001Drama
I_SAWI Saw the Light2015Drama
DVD IF IIf I Stay2014Drama
DVD IM NOTI’m Not There2007Drama
DVD IMAImagining Argentina2003Drama
DVD IN LOVEIn Love and War1996Drama
DVD IN THEIn the Bedroom2001Drama
INDECEIndecent Proposal1993Drama
DVD INFInfamous2006Drama
DVD INSInside Llewyn Davis2013Drama
INTO_TInto the Forest2015Drama
DVD INVInvictus2009Drama
DVD INVInvincible2006Drama
DVD IRIIris2001Drama
DVD IS ANYBODYIs Anybody There?2008Drama
DVD ITSIt’s a Wonderful Life1946Drama
DVD J EDGAR RR*J. Edgar2011Drama
DVD JANJane Eyre2006Drama
DVD JANJane Eyre2011Drama
DVD JAYJayne Mansfield’s Car2012Drama
DVD JER RR*Jersey Boys2014Drama
DVD JINJindabyne2006Drama
DVD JOBJobs2013Drama
DVD JOEJoe2013Drama
DVD JOHJohn Q.2002Drama
DVD JUDJudgment at Nuremberg1961Drama
DVD JUSJust Like a Woman2012Drama
DVD KALKalifornia1993Drama
DVD KEYKey Largo1948Drama
DVD KILKiller Joe2011Drama
DVD KILKilling Kennedy2013Drama
DVD KINKing Lear1974Drama
DVD KINKinsey2004Drama
DVD KITKitty Foyle1940Drama
DVD KRAKramer vs. Kramer1979Drama
DVD LABLabor Day2013Drama
LAKEVILakeview Terrace2008Drama
DVD LASTLast Chance Harvey2008Drama
DVD LASLast Ounce of Courage2012Drama
DVD LAYLayer Cake2004Drama
DVD LEGENDLegend2015Drama
DVD LEGLegends of the Fall1994Drama
DVD LESLes Miserables1998Drama
DVD LICLicense to Kill1984Drama
DVD LIFLife of a King2013Drama
LIKE_DLike Dandelion Dust2009Drama
DVD LINLincoln2012Drama
DVD LIOLions for Lambs2007Drama
DVD LITTLELittle Boy2015Drama
DVD LITLittle Children2006Drama
DVD LITLittle Women1994Drama
LIVE_BLive By Night2016Drama
DVD LIVLive from Baghdad2002Drama
DVD LOCLocke2013Drama
DVD LORLords of Dogtown2005Drama
DVD LOSLost in Translation2003Drama
DVD LOVLove and Honor2013Drama
DVD LOVELove & Mercy2014Drama
DVD LOVLove in the Time of Cholera2007Drama
DVD LUCLucky You2007Drama
DVD MACMacArthur1977Drama
DVD MACMacbeth1979Drama
DVD MADMade in Dagenham2010Drama
DVD MAGMagnolia1999Drama
DVD MALMalcolm X1992Drama
MANCHEManchester by the Sea2016Drama
DVD MANMandela: Long Walk to Freedom2013Drama
DVD MARMargin Call2011Drama
MARIEMarie Antoinette2006Drama
DVD MARMartha Marcy May Marlene2011Drama
MATCHMatch Point2005Drama
DVD MCFARLAMcFarland, USA2015Drama
DVD MEETMeet Joe Black1998Drama
DVD MEMMemoirs of a Geisha2005Drama
DVD MICMichael Clayton2007Drama
DVD MIDMidnight Cowboy1969Drama
DVD MIDMidway1976Drama
MILESMiles Ahead2015Drama
DVD MILMilk2008Drama
DVD MILMillion Dollar Arm2014Drama
MILLIOMillion Dollar Baby2004Drama
DVD MIRMiracle2004Drama
MIRACLMiracles From Heaven2016Drama
DVD MISCONDMisconduct2016Drama
DVD MISMiss Potter2006Drama
DVD MISTERMister Johnson1990Drama
DVD MIXEDMixed Blessings1995Drama
DVD MO BETTERMo’ Better Blues1990Drama
DVD MOLMoll Flanders1996Drama
DVD MONMona Lisa Smile2003Drama
MONEYMoney Monster2016Drama
DVD MONMoneyball2011Drama
DVD MONMonster2003Drama
DVD MONMonster’s Ball2001Drama
DVD MOOMoonlight Mile2002Drama
DVD MOTMother and Child2009Drama
DVD MR BROOKSMr. Brooks2007Drama
DVD MR HOLLANDMr. Holland’s Opus1995Drama
DVD MR HOLMESMr. Holmes2015Drama
DVD MR SMITHMr. Smith Goes to Washington1939Drama
DVD MR TURNERMr. Turner2014Drama
DVD MRSMrs. Harris2005Drama
DVD MUDMud2012Drama
DVD MUNMunich2005Drama
DVD MURMurder in the Hamptons2005Drama
DVD MY HOUSEMy House in Umbria2003Drama
DVD MY SISTERSMy Sister’s Keeper2009Drama
DVD MY WEEKMy Week With Marilyn2011Drama
DVD NASNashville1975Drama
DVD NEBNebraska2013Drama
DVD NETNetwork1976Drama
DVD NEVNever Let Me Go2010Drama
DVD NICNicholas Nickleby2002Drama
DVD NIGNightcrawler2014Drama
DVD NO COUNTRYNo Country For Old Men2007Drama
NOCTURNocturnal Animals2016Drama
DVD NORNorth Country2005Drama
DVD NOTNot Easily Broken2009Drama
DVD NOTESNotes on a Scandal2006Drama
DVD NOTNothing But the Truth2008Drama
DVD NOWNowhere Boy2009Drama
DVD OBSESSEObsessed2009Drama
DVD OCTOBEROctober Sky1999Drama
DVD ON GOLDENOn Golden Pond1981Drama
DVD ON THEOn the Waterfront1954Drama
DVD ONDOndine2009Drama
DVD ONEOne Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest1975Drama
DVD ONEOne Hour Photo2002Drama
OPERATOperation Pacific1951Drama
DVD ORAOranges & Sunshine2010Drama
DVD ORDOrdinary People1980Drama
DVD ORIOriginal Sin2001Drama
DVD OTHELLOOthello1995Drama
DVD OUROur Song2000Drama
OUT_OFOut of Africa1985Drama
DVD OUTOut of the Furnace2013Drama
DVD OUTBREAOutbreak1995Drama
DVD PALPalo Alto2013Drama
DVD PANPanic Room2002Drama
DVD PAPILLOPapillon1973Drama
DVD PARParanoia2013Drama
DVD PARParkland2013Drama
PATRIOPatriots Day2016Drama
DVD PATPatton1970Drama
DVD PAWNPawn Sacrifice2014Drama
DVD PAYPay It Forward2000Drama
DVD PEAPeacock2010Drama
DVD PEOPeople Like Us2012Drama
DVD PHAPhantom2013Drama
DVD PHIPhiladelphia1993Drama
DVD PHIPhilomena2013Drama
DVD PITPit Stop2013Drama
DVD PLAPlatoon1986Drama
DVD POLPollock2000Drama
DVD PRECIOUPrecious2009Drama
DVD PRIPride & Prejudice2005Drama
DVD PRIPride and Glory2008Drama
DVD PRIPride and Prejudice1995Drama
DVD PRISONE RR*Prisoners2013Drama
DVD PROPromised Land2012Drama
DVD PROProof2005Drama
DVD QUIQuinceanera2006Drama
DVD RABRabbit Hole2010Drama
DVD RADRadio2003Drama
DVD RAGRaging Bull1980Drama
DVD RAIRain Man1988Drama
JUST_CJust Cause1995Action/Adventure
DVD RAIRaising Victor Vargas2002Drama
DVD RAMRampart2011Drama
DVD RAYRay2004Drama
DVD REBRebel Without a Cause1955Drama
DVD REIReign Over Me2007Drama
DVD REQRequiem for a Dream2000Drama
DVD RESResurrecting the Champ2007Drama
DVD ROARoad to Perdition2002Drama
DVD ROBRobinson Crusoe1997Drama
DVD ROCRocky1976Drama
DVD ROCKYRocky: Rocky/Rocky II/Rocky III/Rocky IV1976/1979/1982/1985Drama
DVD ROCRocky Balboa2006Drama
DVD ROCKY VRocky V1990Drama
DVD ROMRomeo & Juliet1976Drama
DVD ROMRomeo & Juliet2013Drama
DVD ROOMRoom2015Drama
ROOM_TRoom to Move1987Drama
DVD ROSEWATRosewater2014Drama
DVD ROUNDERRounders1998Drama
RUNAWARunaway Jury2003Drama
DVD RUNRunner Runner2013Drama
DVD RUNNINGRunning On Empty1988Drama
DVD SAFSafe Haven2013Drama
DVD SARSarah’s Key2010Drama
DVD SATSaturday Night Fever1977Drama
SAVE_TSave the Last Dance2001Drama
SCENTScent of a Woman1992Drama
DVD SCHSchindler’s List1993Drama
DVD SCRScrooge1970Drama
DVD SECSecond Nature2003Drama
DVD SECSecretariat2010Drama
DVD SELMASelma2014Drama
SENSESense and Sensibility1995Drama
DVD SERENASerena2014Drama
DVD SEVENSeven Days in Utopia2011Drama
DVD SEVSeven Pounds2008Drama
DVD SEXSexy Beast2000Drama
DVD SHAShadow Dancer2012Drama
DVD SHAShadow of the Vampire2000Drama
DVD SHATTERShattered Glass2003Drama
DVD SHESherrybaby2006Drama
DVD SHOShort Term 122013Drama
DVD SHOShot in the Heart2001Drama
DVD SIDSide Effects2013Drama
DVD SKASkateland2010Drama
DVD SKISkins2002Drama
DVD SLEEPERSleepers1996Drama
DVD SLUSlumdog Millionaire2008Drama
DVD SMASmashed2012Drama
DVD SMISmile2005Drama
DVD SNOSnow Angels2007Drama
DVD SOMSometimes in April2005Drama
DVD SOMSomewhere2010Drama
DVD SONSon of God2014Drama
DVD SOUSoul Surfer2011Drama
DVD SPASparkle2012Drama
DVD SPISpider2002Drama
DVD SPOTLIGSpotlight2015Drama
DVD STAStage Beauty2004Drama
DVD STAStand By Me1986Drama
DVD STAStay2005Drama
DVD STEALINStealing Home1988Drama
DVD STEStep Up All In2014Drama
DVD STEStepmom1998Drama
DVD STEVESteve Jobs2015Drama
DVD STILLStill Alice2014Drama
DVD STOStoker2013Drama
DVD STOStone2010Drama
DVD STOPLOSStop-Loss2008Drama
DVD STRAIGHStraight Outta Compton2015Drama
DVD SUNSunset Boulevard1950Drama
DVD SWESweet Land2005Drama
DVD SWEETSweet November2001Drama
DVD SYBSybil1976Drama
DVD SYLSylvia2003Drama
DVD TAKTake Shelter2011Drama
DVD TAKTake the Lead2006Drama
DVD TAKTaking Chance2009Drama
DVD TALTalk To Me2007Drama
DVD TEMTemptation: Confessions of a Marriage Counselor2013Drama
DVD TETTetro2009Drama
DVD THAThat Evening Sun2009Drama
DVD THIRTYTThe 332015Drama
DVD FIFThe 5ifth Estate2013Drama
DVD FIFThe 5th Quarter2010Drama
DVD ARTThe Art of Getting By2011Drama
DVD ASSThe Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford2007Drama
DVD AUTThe Autobiography of Miss Jane Pittman1974Drama
AVIATOThe Aviator2004Drama
DVD BEAThe Beaver2011Drama
DVD BELThe Bells of St. Mary’s1945Drama
DVD BESThe Best Years of Our Lives1946Drama
DVD BIGThe Big Short2015Drama
DVD BLIThe Blind Side2009Drama
DVD BLIThe Bling Ring2013Drama
BODYGUThe Bodyguard1992Drama
DVD BOOThe Book Thief2013Drama
DVD BOXThe Box2009Drama
BOY_INThe Boy in the Striped Pajamas2008Drama
DVD BOYThe Boys Are Back2009Drama
DVD BRAThe Brave One2007Drama
DVD BRIThe Bridges of Madison County1995Drama
DVD BUSThe Business of Fancydancing2002Drama
DVD BUTThe Butler2013Drama
DVD CAIThe Caine Mutiny1954Drama
DVD CALThe Call2013Drama
DVD CIDThe Cider House Rules1999Drama
DVD CITThe Citizen2012Drama
DVD CLANThe Clan of the Cave Bear1986Drama
DVD COMThe Company2003Drama
DVD COMThe Company Men2010Drama
DVD CONThe Conspirator2010Drama
DVD COTThe Cotton Club1984Drama
DVD COUThe Country Girl1954Drama
DVD CROThe Crossing2000Drama
DVD CURIOUSThe Curious Case of Benjamin Button2008Drama
DVD DANISHThe Danish Girl2015Drama
DVD DEEThe Deer Hunter1978Drama
DVD DEPThe Departed2006Drama
DVD DESThe Descendants2011Drama
DVD DISThe Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby2013Drama
DVD DOOThe Door in the Floor2004Drama
DVD DOOThe Doors1991Drama
DVD DROThe Drop2014Drama
DVD DUCThe Duchess2008Drama
DVD ELEThe Elephant Man1980Drama
EMPEROThe Emperor’s Club2002Drama
DVD ENGThe English Patient1996Drama
DVD EXOThe Exonerated2005Drama
DVD EXPThe Experiment2010Drama
DVD EXPThe Express2008Drama
DVD FAULTThe Fault In Our Stars2014Drama
DVD FIGThe Fighter2010Drama
DVD FIGThe Fighting Seabees1944Drama
DVD FITThe Fitzgerald Family Christmas2012Drama
DVD FIVEThe Five People You Meet in Heaven2004Drama
DVD FLOThe Flowers of War2011Drama
DVD FORGERThe Forger2014Drama
DVD FORThe Forgotten2004Drama
FOUNDEThe Founder2016Drama
DVD FOUThe Four Feathers2002Drama
DVD GAMBLERThe Gambler2014Drama
DVD GATThe Gathering Storm2002Drama
DVD GIFTThe Gift2000Drama
DVD GIRThe Girl in the Café2005Drama
DVD GODThe Godfather1972Drama
GREY_LGrey Lady2017Drama
DVD GOD IIThe Godfather: Part II1974Drama
DVD GOD IIIThe Godfather: Part III1990Drama
DVD GOOThe Good Doctor2011Drama
DVD GOO RR*The Good Lie2014Drama
DVD GOOThe Good Shepherd2006Drama
DVD GOOThe Good Thief2002Drama
DVD GOSThe Gospel2005Drama
DVD GOSThe Gospel of John2014Drama
DVD GRAThe Grace Card2010Drama
DVD GRAPESThe Grapes of Wrath1940Drama
DVD GREATThe Great Debaters2007Drama
DVD GREThe Great Gatsby1974Drama
DVD GREAT RR*The Great Gatsby2013Drama
DVD GREThe Greatest2009Drama
DVD GREThe Green Mile1999Drama
DVD GREThe Grey Zone2001Drama
DVD GUYThe Guys2002Drama
DVD HELThe Help2011Drama
DVD HORSEThe Horse Whisperer1998Drama
HOURSThe Hours2002Drama
DVD HUMThe Human Stain2003Drama
DVD HUNThe Hundred-Foot Journey2014Drama
DVD ICEThe Ice Storm1997Drama
DVD IDEThe Identical2014Drama
DVD IDEThe Ides of March2011Drama
DVD IMITATIThe Imitation Game2014Drama
DVD IMMIGRAThe Immigrant2013Drama
DVD IMPThe Impossible2012Drama
INFILTThe Infiltrator2016Drama
DVD IROThe Iron Lady2011Drama
DVD JACThe Jacket2005Drama
JOY_LUThe Joy Luck Club1993Drama
DVD JUDThe Judge2014Drama
JUNCTIThe Junction Boys2002Drama
DVD KILThe Killing Fields1984Drama
DVD KINThe King’s Speech2010Drama
DVD LASThe Last King of Scotland2006Drama
DVD LASThe Last Picture Show1971Drama
DVD LASThe Last Song2010Drama
DVD LASThe Last Station2009Drama
DVD LAZThe Lazarus Project2008Drama
DVD LEGThe Legend of 19001998Drama
DVD LIBThe Libertine2004Drama
DVD LIFThe Life of David Gale2003Drama
DVD LIFThe Lifeguard2013Drama
DVD LIOThe Lion in Winter1968Drama
DVD LIOThe Lion in Winter2003Drama
DVD LITThe Little Foxes1941Drama
DVD LONGThe Long Walk Home1991Drama
LONG_WThe Long Way Home1998Drama
DVD LOOThe Lookout2007Drama
DVD LOSThe Lost Child2000Drama
LOST_CThe Lost City of Z2016Action/Adventure
DVD LOSTThe Lost City2005Drama
DVD LUCKY RR*The Lucky One2012Drama
DVD MACThe Machinist2004Drama
DVD MAJThe Majestic2001Drama
MAN_WHOThe Man Who Knew Infinity2015Drama
DVD MANThe Man Who Wasn’t There2001Drama
DVD MANThe Manchurian Candidate1962Drama
DVD MANThe Manchurian Candidate2004Drama
DVD MASThe Master2012Drama
DVD MERThe Merchant of Venice2001Drama
DVD MERThe Merchant of Venice2004Drama
DVD MESThe Messenger2009Drama
DVD MONThe Monuments Men2014Drama
DVD MOTThe Mothman Prophecies2002Drama
DVD NATThe Nativity Story2006Drama
DVD NATThe Natural1984Drama
DVD NORThe Normal Heart2014Drama
DVD NOTThe Notorious Bettie Page2005Drama
DVD NUNThe Nun’s Story1959Drama
DVD OTHThe Other Boleyn Girl2008Drama
DVD OTHThe Other Man2008Drama
DVD OTHThe Other Woman2009Drama
DVD PAIThe Painted Veil2006Drama
DVD PAPThe Paperboy2012Drama
DVD PASThe Passenger1975Drama
DVD PASThe Passion of the Christ2004Drama
DVD PERFECTThe Perfect Guy2015Drama
DVD PIAThe Pianist2002Drama
DVD PLAThe Place Beyond the Pines2012Drama
DVD PREThe Prestige2006Drama
DVD PRIThe Private Lives of Pippa Lee2009Drama
PRIZEThe Prize Winner of Defiance, Ohio2005Drama
DVD PURThe Pursuit of Happyness2006Drama
DVD QUEThe Queen2006Drama
QUEENQueen of Katwe2016Drama
DVD QUIThe Quiet American2002Drama
DVD RAIThe Railway Man2013Drama
DVD RAINMAKThe Rainmaker1997Drama
DVD REAThe Reader2008Drama
DVD RELThe Reluctant Fundamentalist2012Drama
DVD RIVThe River Niger/Death of a Prophet1976/1981Drama
DVD ROAThe Road2009Drama
DVD ROOThe Roommate2011Drama
DVD ROSThe Rose1979Drama
DVD ROVThe Rover2014Drama
DVD SAMThe Samaritan2012Drama
DVD SECThe Secret Life of Bees2008Drama
SECRETThe Secret Life of Marilyn Monroe2015Drama
DVD SECRETThe Secret Life of Words2005Drama
DVD SECThe Secrets of Jonathan Sperry2008Drama
DVD SHAWSHAThe Shawshank Redemption1994Drama
DVD SHIThe Shipping News2001Drama
DVD SKEThe Skeleton Twins2014Drama
DVD SOCThe Social Network2010Drama
DVD SOLOISTThe Soloist2009Drama
WATERWWaterworld1995Science Fiction
DVD TAIThe Tailor of Panama2001Drama
DVD TALThe Talented Mr. Ripley1999Drama
EVERYTEverything, Everything2017Romance
DVD THEORYThe Theory of Everything2014Drama
TRIALThe Trial/Escape From Sobibor1962/1987Drama
DVD TRIThe Trip2002Drama
DVD TRUThe Truth About Emanuel2013Drama
DVD TWIThe Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 12011Drama
DVD TWIThe Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 22012Drama
DVD TWILIGHThe Twilight Saga: Eclipse2010Drama
DVD TWILIGHThe Twilight Saga: New Moon2009Drama
DVD ULTThe Ultimate Gift2006Drama
DVD VILThe Village2004Drama
WARThe War1994Drama
DVD WATERThe Water Diviner2014Drama
DVD WHIThe White Countess2005Drama
DVD WHIThe White Warrior1959Drama
DVD WREThe Wrestler2008Drama
YOUNGThe Young Messiah2016Drama
DVD YOUThe Young Victoria2009Drama
DVD THEThere Will Be Blood2007Drama
DVD THIThings Behind the Sun2001Drama
DVD THIThings We Lost in the Fire2007Drama
DVD TITTitus1999Drama
DVD TO KILLTo Kill a Mockingbird1962Drama
DVD TO SAVETo Save a Life2009Drama
DVD TO THETo the Wonder2012Drama
DVD TOOToo Big to Fail2011Drama
DVD TOUTouching Home2008Drama
DVD TOUTouchy Feely2013Drama
DVD TRATraffic2000Drama
DVD TRAININTraining Day2001Drama
DVD TRANSCE RR*Transcendence2014Drama
DVD TRATranssiberian2008Drama
DVD TRATrapped2002Drama
TRIALTrial by Media (An American Daughter)2000Drama
DVD TRITristan + Isolde2006Drama
DVD TROTrouble With the Curve2012Drama
DVD TRUTruman1995Drama
DVD TRUMBOTrumbo2015Drama
DVD TRUTrust2010Drama
DVD TWETwelve2010Drama
TWELVETwelve O’clock High1949Drama
DVD TWITwilight2008Drama
TWO_FOTwo For the Money2005Drama
LOVERSThe Lovers2017Comedy/Humor
DVD TWOTwo Lovers2008Drama
DVD TWOTwo of Us2000Drama
DVD FAMILYTyler Perry’s The Family That Preys2008Drama
DVD UNBUnbreakable2000Drama
DVD UNBROKEUnbroken2014Drama
DVD UNDUnder the Skin2013Drama
DVD UNFUnfaithful2002Drama
UNITEDUnited 932006Drama
DVD UNTUnthinkable2010Drama
DVD UP CLOSEUp Close & Personal1996Drama
DVD VANVanity Fair2004Drama
DVD VERVera Drake2004Drama
DVD WW2008Drama
DVD WALWalk the Line2005Drama
DVD WALWall Street1987Drama
DVD WALWall Street2010Drama
DVD WARWar Horse2011Drama
DVD WARWar Room2015Drama
DVD WASWashington Heights2002Drama
DVD WE AREWe Are Marshall2006Drama
DVD WE NEEDWe Need to Talk About Kevin2011Drama
DVD WE WEREWe Were the Mulvaneys2002Drama
DVD WELWelcome to the Rileys2010Drama
DVD WENWendy and Lucy2008Drama
DVD WHAWhale Rider2002Drama
DVD WHAWhat Dreams May Come1998Drama
DVD WHAWhat Maisie Knew2012Drama
DVD WHEWhen the Game Stands Tall2014Drama
DVD WHEREWhere Hope Grows2014Drama
DVD WHIWhiplash2014Drama
DVD WHIWhite Oleander2002Drama
DVD WICWicker Park2004Drama
DVD WILDWild2014Drama
DVD WILWild Things1998Drama
DVD WILWildflower1991Drama
DVD WINWinter’s Bone2010Drama
DVD WITWitness1985Drama
DVD WOMANWoman in Gold2015Drama
DVD WONWonder Boys2000Drama
DVD WONWon’t Back Down2012Drama
DVD WORWorld Trade Center2006Drama
DVD YOUYou Don’t Know Jack2010Drama
DVD YOUYouth Without Youth2007Drama
DVD THR3 Idiots2009Foreign Film
DVD HIJA Hijacking2012Foreign Film
DVD A LAA La Mala2015Foreign Film
MAN_CAA Man Called Ove2015Foreign Film
DVD PROA Prophet2009Foreign Film
DVD ROYA Royal Affair2012Foreign Film
BEFOREBefore I Fall2017Mystery
DVD SEPA Separation2011Foreign Film
DVD VERA Very Long Engagement2004Foreign Film
DVD AFTAfter the Wedding2006Foreign Film
DVD AMOAmour2012Foreign Film
DVD APPApplause2009Foreign Film
DVD BARBarbara2012Foreign Film
DVD BIUBiutiful2010Foreign Film
DVD BLABlack Book2006Foreign Film
DVD BROBroken Embraces2009Foreign Film
DVD CACCache2005Foreign Film
DVD CERCertified Copy2010Foreign Film
DVD CHIChildren of Heaven1997Foreign Film
DVD CITCity of God2002Foreign Film
DVD COCCoco Before Chanel2009Foreign Film
DVD DASDas Boot1981Foreign Film
DVD DAYSDays of Glory2006Foreign Film
DVD DEPDepartures2008Foreign Film
DVD DOWDownfall2004Foreign Film
DUM_MADum Maaro Dum2011Foreign Film
DVD FARFarewell My Queen2012Foreign Film
DVD FOOFootnote2011Foreign Film
DVD GETTGett: The Trial of Viviane Amsalem2014Foreign Film
SALESMThe Salesman2016Foreign Film
DVD HERHero2002Foreign Film
DVD I AMI Am Love2009Foreign Film
DVD IDAIda2013Foreign Film
DVD IN DARKNESIn Darkness2011Foreign Film
DVD JOURNEYJourney to the West2013Foreign Film
SNATCHSnatched2017Comedy/Humor - Blu-ray
DVD JOYJoyeux Noel2005Foreign Film
DVD LA VIELa Vie en Rose2007Foreign Film
DVD LETLetters From Iwo Jima2006Foreign Film
DVD LEVIATHLeviathan2014Foreign Film
DVD LIFELife is Beautiful1997Foreign Film
DVD LOVLove is All You Need2012Foreign Film
DVD LUSLust, Caution2007Foreign Film
DVD MICMicmacs2009Foreign Film
DVD MY NAMEMy Name is Khan2010Foreign Film
DVD NONo2012Foreign Film
DVD PARParis, Je T’aime2006Foreign Film
DVD POTPotiche2010Foreign Film
RAMSRams2015Foreign Film
CIRCLEThe Circle2017Drama
CIRCLEThe Circle2017Drama - Blu-ray
TABLETable 192017Comedy/Humor
DVD RENRenoir2012Foreign Film
DVD RUDRudo y Cursi2008Foreign Film
DVD RUSRust and Bone2012Foreign Film
DVD SINSin Nombre2009Foreign Film
DVD SNOSnow Flower and the Secret Fan2011Foreign Film
DVD SONSon of Saul2015Foreign Film
DVD SUGSugar2008Foreign Film
DVD SWISwimming Pool2003Foreign Film
DVD TENTen Canoes2006Foreign Film
DVD BROThe Broken Circle Breakdown2012Foreign Film
DVD CLAThe Class2008Foreign Film
DVD COUThe Counterfeiters2007Foreign Film
DVD DIVThe Diving Bell and the Butterfly2007Foreign Film
DVD GIRThe Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest2009Foreign Film
DVD GIRThe Girl Who Played With Fire2009Foreign Film
DVD GIRThe Girl With the Dragon Tattoo2009Foreign Film
DVD GREThe Great Beauty2013Foreign Film
DVD HUNThe Hunt2012Foreign Film
DVD INTThe Intouchables2011Foreign Film
KITE_RThe Kite Runner2007Foreign Film
DVD LIVThe Lives of Others2006Foreign Film
DVD RAIThe Raid: Redemption2011Foreign Film
DVD SEAThe Sea Inside2004Foreign Film
DVD SECThe Secret in Their Eyes2009Foreign Film
DVD STOThe Stoning of Soraya M.2008Foreign Film
DVD WHIThe White Ribbon2009Foreign Film
DVD TIMBUKTTimbuktu2014Foreign Film
DVD TSOTSITsotsi2005Foreign Film
DVD UNDUnder the Same Moon2007Foreign Film
DVD VOLVolver2006Foreign Film
DVD WHIWhite Material2009Foreign Film
DVD WILDWild Tales2014Foreign Film
DVD YESYesterday2004Foreign Film
FREDDYFreddy Vs. Jason2003Horror
DVD ZAYZaytoun2012Foreign Film
DVD FOU14082007Horror
DVD TWENTYE28 Days Later2002Horror
DVD TWE28 Weeks Later2007Horror
DVD THI30 Days of Night2007Horror
FOUR_F4 Film Favorites. A Nightmare on Elm Street/A Nightmare on Elm Street 2: Freddy’s Revenge/A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors/A Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master1987/1985/1987/1988Horror
DVD NIGA Nightmare on Elm Street2010Horror
DVD PERA Perfect Getaway2009Horror
DVD ALLAll the Boys Love Mandy Lane2006Horror
DVD AMERICA 2American Psycho 22002Horror
DVD AMNESIAAmnesia1997Horror
DVD ANN RR*Annabelle2014Horror
DVD ARAArachnophobia1990Horror
DVD ARMArmy of Darkness1992Horror
DVD AS ABOVEAs Above, So Below2014Horror
DVD DRACULABram Stoker’s Dracula1992Horror
DVD BYZByzantium2012Horror
DVD CARCarrie2013Horror
DVD CARCarrie1976Horror
CARRIECarrie1976Horror - Blu-ray
CASE_TCase 392009Horror
DVD CHEChernobyl Diaries2012Horror
DVD CHILDSChild’s Play1988Horror
DVD CHILDS 3Child’s Play 31991Horror
DVD CRIMSONCrimson Peak2015Horror
DVD CRYCry Wolf2005Horror
DVD CUTCut Bank2014Horror
DVD DARKDark Shadows/Sleepy Hollow2012/1999Horror
DVD DARKDark Waters2003Horror
DVD DARDarkness2002Horror
DVD DAWDawn of the Dead1978Horror
DVD DAWNDawn of the Dead/George A. Romero’s Land of the Dead2004/2005Horror
DVD DEATHDeath Proof2007Horror
DVD DELDeliver Us From Evil2014Horror
DVD DEVDevil2010Horror
DVD DONDon’t Be Afraid of the Dark2010Horror
DONT_BDon’t Breathe2016Horror
DVD DOODoomsday2008Horror
DVD DRAGDrag Me To Hell2009Horror
CORNBRCornbread, Earl and Me1975Drama
DVD DYLDylan Dog: Dead of Night2010Horror
DVD EDGEdgar Allan Poe’s Tales of Mystery & Imagination1995Horror
DVD EVIEvil Dead2013Horror
DVD EVIL 2Evil Dead II1987Horror
DVD EXOExorcist: The Beginning2004Horror
DVD FEAFear Dot Com2002Horror
DVD FINALFinal Destination2000Horror
DVD FINAL 2Final Destination 22003Horror
DVD FINAL 3Final Destination 32006Horror
DVD FINAL 5 RR*Final Destination 52011Horror
FRIDAYFriday1995Comedy/Humor - Blu-ray
DVD FRIFriday the 13th2009Horror
DVD FRIFright Night2011Horror
GHOSTA Ghost Story2017Drama
DVD GHOSTGhost Ship2002Horror
DVD GOTHIKAGothika2003Horror
GREENGreen Room2015Horror
DVD HAUHaunter2013Horror
DVD HIDHide and Seek2005Horror
DVD HOUHouse at the End of the Street2012Horror
DVD HOUSEHouse of 1000 Corpses2003Horror
DVD HOUSEHouse of Wax2005Horror
DVD HOUHouse on Haunted Hill1999Horror
DVD I STILLI Still Know What You Did Last Summer1998Horror
DVD I WILLI Will Follow You Into the Dark2012Horror
DVD INSInsidious2010Horror
DVD INTERVIInterview With the Vampire: The Vampire Chronicles1994Horror
DVD INTIntruders2011Horror
DVD IT FOLLOWSIt Follows2014Horror
DVD JAWJaws1975Horror
DVD JAWS 2Jaws 21978Horror
JAWS_TJaws: The Revenge1987Horror
DVD JOYJoy Ride2001Horror
DVD KILKill List2011Horror
DVD KRAMPUSKrampus2015Horror
LIGHTS RR*Lights Out2016Horror
DVD MAGGIEMaggie2015Horror
DVD MAMMama2013Horror
DVD MY BLOODYMy Bloody Valentine2009Horror
DVD MY SOULMy Soul to Take2010Horror
LAST_HThe Last House on the Left2009Horror
DVD NOTNothing Left to Fear2013Horror
DVD OCUOculus2013Horror
DVD OPEOpen Water2003Horror
DVD ORPOrphan2009Horror
DVD OUIOuija2014Horror
DVD PANPandorum2009Horror
DVD PARANORParanormal Activity2007Horror
DVD PARANOR 2Paranormal Activity 22010Horror
BABY_BBaby Boy2001Drama
DVD PARANOR 3Paranormal Activity 32011Horror
DVD PARANOR 4Paranormal Activity 42012Horror
DVD PARParanormal Activity: The Marked Ones2014Horror
DVD PIRPiranha2010Horror
DVD POLPoltergeist1982Horror
DVD POLTERGPoltergeist2015Horror
PRIDEPride and Prejudice and Zombies2016Horror
DVD PSYPsycho1960Horror
DVD QUAQuarantine2008Horror
DVD REDRed Dragon2002Horror
DVD REDRed Riding Hood2011Horror
DVD ROSRose Red2002Horror
DVD ROSRosemary’s Baby1968Horror
DVD SAWSaw2004Horror
DVD SAWSaw: Saw/Saw II/Saw III/Saw IV/Saw V/Saw VI/Saw: The Final Chapter2004/2005/2006/2007/2008/2009/2010Horror
DVD SCR 4Scre4m2011Horror
DVD SCRScream1996Horror
DVD SCR 2Scream 21997Horror
DVD SCR 3Scream 32000Horror
DVD SECRETSecret Window2004Horror
DVD SHAShark Night2011Horror
DVD SILENTSilent Hill2006Horror
DVD SILSilent House2011Horror
DVD SLISlither2006Horror
DVD SNASnakes on a Plane2006Horror
DVD STAStalker2010Horror
DVD STRStraw Dogs2011Horror
DVD AMIThe Amityville Horror2005Horror
DVD BIRThe Birds1963Horror
BLACKThe Black Water Vampire2014Horror
DVD BOYThe Boy Next Door2015Horror
DVD CONJURI RR*The Conjuring2013Horror
CONJUR 2The Conjuring 22016Horror
CROOKEThe Crooked Man2016Horror
DVD DEVThe Devil Inside2012Horror
DVD EXORCISThe Exorcism of Emily Rose2005Horror
DVD EXORCISThe Exorcist1973Horror
DVD EYEThe Eye2008Horror
DVD HOUThe Fall of the House of Usher/The Pit and the Pendulum1960/1961Horror
DVD FINAL RR*The Final Destination2009Horror
DVD FORESTThe Forest2016Horror
DVD FORSAKEThe Forsaken2001Horror
DVD GRUThe Grudge2004Horror
DVD HAUThe Haunting in Connecticut2009Horror
DVD HITThe Hitcher1986Horror
HOWLINThe Howling: Reborn2011Horror
DVD HUNCHBAThe Hunchback of Notre Dame1939Horror
DVD KISSThe Kiss of the Vampire1963Horror
DVD LASThe Last Exorcism2010Horror
DVD LAST IIThe Last Exorcism: Part II2013Horror
DVD LAZARUSThe Lazarus Effect2015Horror
DVD MISThe Mist2007Horror
MUMMYThe Mummy Complete Legacy Collection: The Mummy/The Mummy’s Hand/The Mummy’s Tomb/The Mummy’s Ghost/The Mummy’s Curse/Abbott and Costello Meet the Mummy1932/1940/1942/1944/1955Horror
DVD NINThe Ninth Gate1999Horror
DVD NUMBERThe Number 232007Horror
DVD ORPThe Orphanage2007Horror
OTHERSThe Others2001Horror
DVD POSThe Posession2012Horror
DVD PURThe Purge2013Horror
DVD PURThe Purge: Anarchy2014Horror
PURGEThe Purge: Election Year2016Horror
DVD RAVThe Raven2012Horror
DVD RESThe Resident2011Horror
DVD RETThe Return2006Horror
DVD RINThe Ring2002Horror
DVD RITThe Rite2011Horror
SHALLOThe Shallows2016Horror
DVD SILENCEThe Silence of the Lambs1991Horror
DVD SIXThe Sixth Sense1999Horror
DVD STEThe Stepfather2009Horror
THINGThe Thing1982Horror
DVD THIThe Thing2011Horror
DVD UNBORNThe Unborn2009Horror
DVD UNIThe Uninvited2009Horror
DVD WICThe Wicker Man2006Horror
DVD WITCHThe Witch2015Horror
DVD WOLThe Wolfman2010Horror
DVD WOMThe Woman in Black2012Horror
DVD WOMAN 2The Woman in Black 2: Angel of Death2014Horror
DVD ZOMThe Zombie Diaries2006Horror
DVD THEThey Wait2007Horror
DVD THIThir13en Ghosts2001Horror
TWISTETom Holland’s Twisted Tales2014Horror
DVD UNFRIENUnfriended2014Horror
DVD VACVacancy2007Horror
DVD VAMPIREVampire Clan/Ring of Darkness2002/2006Horror
DVD WHAWhat Lies Beneath2000Horror
DVD WHENWhen a Stranger Calls2006Horror
DVD WHITEWhite Noise2005Horror
DVD WILLARDWillard2003Horror
DVD WOLWolf Creek2005Horror
WRONGWrong Turn2003Horror
DVD YOUYou’re Next2011Horror
DVD SEVENTE17761972Musicals
DVD CHOA Chorus Line1985Musicals
DVD STAA Star is Born1954Musicals
DVD AMERICAAn American in Paris1951Musicals
DVD ANCHORSAnchors Aweigh1945Musicals
DVD ANYAnything Goes1956Musicals
DVD BIRBirth of the Blues/Blue Skies1941/1946Musicals
DVD BLUBlue Hawaii1961Musicals
DVD BRIBride & Prejudice2004Musicals
DVD BRIGADOBrigadoon1954Musicals
DVD BROADWABroadway Melody of 19401940Musicals
DVD BYEBye Bye Birdie1963Musicals
DVD CABARETCabaret1972Musicals
DVD CALCalamity Jane1953Musicals
DVD CALCall Me Madam1953Musicals
DVD CAMELOTCamelot1967Musicals
DVD CHIChicago2002Musicals
DVD DANDancing Lady1933Musicals
DVD EASEaster Parade1948Musicals
DVD EMPEmperor Waltz/A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court1948/1949Musicals
DVD FAMEFame1980Musicals
DVD FAMEFame2009Musicals
DVD FINFinian’s Rainbow1968Musicals
DVD FOOFootloose2011Musicals
DVD FORFor Me and My Gal1942Musicals
DVD FUNFunny Girl1968Musicals
DVD GENGentlemen Prefer Blondes1953Musicals
DVD GODGodspell1973Musicals
DVD GOOGoodbye, Mr. Chips1969Musicals
DVD GREASEGrease1978Musicals
GREATEGreatest Classic Films Collection. Broadway Musicals: Show Boat/Annie Get Your Gun/Kiss Me Kate/Seven Brides for Seven Brothers1951/1950/1953/1954Musicals
DVD HAIHairspray2007Musicals
DVD HELHello, Dolly!1969Musicals
DVD HIGHHigh Society1956Musicals
DVD IDLIdlewild2006Musicals
HEAL_THeal the Living2016Foreign Film
DVD IN THEIn The Good Old Summertime1949Musicals
DVD INTOInto the Woods2014Musicals
DVD HOLIDAYIrving Berlin’s Holiday Inn1942Musicals
DVD ITSIt’s Always Fair Weather1955Musicals
DVD JAIJailhouse Rock1957Musicals
DVD JESJesus Christ Superstar1973Musicals
DVD JUMJumbo1962Musicals
LA_LALa La Land2016Musicals
DVD LESLes Girls1957Musicals
DVD LESLes Miserables2012Musicals
DVD LOVLove Me or Leave Me1955Musicals
DVD LOVLove’s Labour’s Lost2000Musicals
DVD MAMMAMamma Mia!2008Musicals
DVD MANMan of la Mancha1972Musicals
DVD MEEMeet Me In St. Louis1944Musicals
MOULINMoulin Rouge2001Musicals
DVD MOULINMoulin Rouge/Moulin Rouge1952/2001Musicals
DVD MY BLUEMy Blue Heaven1950Musicals
DVD MY FAIRMy Fair Lady1964Musicals
DVD NINNine2009Musicals
DVD OKLOklahoma!1955Musicals
DVD OLIOliver!1968Musicals
DVD ON THEOn The Town1949Musicals
DVD PENPennies From Heaven1936Musicals
DVD PREPresenting Lily Mars1943Musicals
DVD PURPurple Rain1984Musicals
DVD ROYRoyal Wedding1951Musicals
DVD ROYRoyal Wedding/The Belle of New York1951/1952Musicals
DVD SINSingin’ in the Rain1952Musicals
DVD SOMSome Like it Hot1959Musicals
DVD STAStar!1968Musicals
DVD STOStormy Weather1943Musicals
DVD SUMSummer Stock1950Musicals
DVD SWESweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street1982Musicals
DVD SWISwing Time1936Musicals
DVD BANThe Band Wagon1953Musicals
DVD BROThe Broadway Melody1929Musicals
DVD KINThe King and I1956Musicals
DVD MUSICThe Music Man1962Musicals
DVD MUSThe Music Man2003Musicals
DVD PAJThe Pajama Game1957Musicals
DVD PHAThe Phantom of the Opera2004Musicals
DVD PIRThe Pirate1948Musicals
DVD PRODUCEThe Producers1967Musicals
DVD PROThe Producers2005Musicals
DVD ROCKYThe Rocky Horror Picture Show1975Musicals
DVD SEVThe Seven Little Foys1955Musicals
DVD SOUThe Sound of Music1965Musicals
DVD SOUNDThe Sound of Music Live!2013Musicals
DVD WIZThe Wiz1978Musicals
DVD WIZThe Wiz Live!2015Musicals
DVD WIZThe Wizard of Oz1939Musicals
DVD THRThree Little Words1950Musicals
DVD TILTill the Clouds Roll By1946Musicals
DVD VICTORVictor Victoria1982Musicals
DVD VIVAViva Las Vegas1964Musicals
DVD WESWest Side Story1961Musicals
DVD WHIWhite Christmas1954Musicals
DVD XANXanadu1980Musicals
DVD YANYankee Doodle Dandy1942Musicals
DVD YELYellow Submarine1968Musicals
DVD YOUYou Were Never Lovelier1942Musicals
DVD YOUYou’ll Never Get Rich1941Musicals
DVD YOUYoung Man With a Horn1950Musicals
DVD MURDERA Murder of Crows1998Mystery
DVD ALLAll Good Things2010Mystery
ALONGAlong Came a Spider2001Mystery
DVD ANGAngels & Demons2009Mystery
BASICBasic Instinct1992Mystery
DVD BEFBefore I Go To Sleep2014Mystery
DVD BIRBirth2004Mystery
DVD BULLITTBullitt1968Mystery
DVD CHAChangeling2008Mystery
DVD CHIChinatown1974Mystery
DVD CITCitizen Kane1941Mystery
DVD CITYCity By The Sea2002Mystery
DVD CLOClosed Circuit2013Mystery
DVD DOUBLEDouble Jeopardy1999Mystery
DVD DOUDoubt2008Mystery
DVD DREDream House2011Mystery
DVD EDGEdge of Darkness2010Mystery
DVD EYESEyes Wide Shut1999Mystery
DVD FRAFracture2007Mystery
DVD FRANTICFrantic1988Mystery
DVD FREFreedomland2006Mystery
DVD GETGet Low2009Mystery
DVD GONGone2012Mystery
DVD GONGone Girl2014Mystery
DVD GOSGosford Park2001Mystery
DVD HOLHollywoodland2006Mystery
DVD HORHorsemen2009Mystery
DVD IN AIn a Lonely Place1950Mystery
DVD INHEREN RR*Inherent Vice2014Mystery
DVD INSInsomnia2002Mystery
DVD JESJesse Stone: No Remorse2010Mystery
DVD KISKiss Kiss Bang Bang2005Mystery
DVD KISKiss the Girls1997Mystery
DVD LA CONFIDEL.A. Confidential1997Mystery
DVD LAULaura1944Mystery
DVD MINMind Hunters2004Mystery
DVD MULMulholland Dr.2001Mystery
DVD MURMurder by Numbers2002Mystery
DVD MYSMystic River2003Mystery
DVD NO GOODNo Good Deed2014Mystery
DVD CAROLINNora Roberts’ Carolina Moon2007Mystery
PERFECPerfect Stranger2007Mystery
DVD PREPresumed Innocent1990Mystery
DVD PRIMALPrimal Fear1996Mystery
DVD REARear Window1954Mystery
DVD REAReasonable Doubt2014Mystery
SEVENSe7en (Seven)1995Mystery
DVD SECRETSecret in Their Eyes2015Mystery
DVD SHAShaft2000Mystery
DVD SHESherlock Holmes and the Case of the Silk Stocking2004Mystery
DVD SHUShutter Island2010Mystery
DVD SNOSnow Falling on Cedars1999Mystery
GIFTEDGifted2017Drama - Blu-ray
DVD SORSorry, Wrong Number1948Mystery
DVD SOUSound of My Voice2011Mystery
DVD BLAThe Black Dahlia2006Mystery
BONE_CThe Bone Collector1999Mystery
DVD CALThe Calling2014Mystery
DVD CAPTIVEThe Captive2014Mystery
CLEARIThe Clearing2004Mystery
DVD CONThe Constant Gardener2005Mystery
DVD DA VINCIThe Da Vinci Code2006Mystery
DVD DEAThe Dead Girl2006Mystery
DVD DEEThe Deep End2001Mystery
FIRMThe Firm1993Mystery
DVD FROThe Frozen Ground2013Mystery
GENERAThe General’s Daughter1999Mystery
DVD GHOThe Ghost Writer2010Mystery
DVD GIFTThe Gift2015Mystery
GIRL_OThe Girl on the Train2016Mystery
DVD GOOThe Good German2006Mystery
DVD ILLThe Illusionist2006Mystery
DVD LINThe Lincoln Lawyer2011Mystery
DVD LOFTThe Loft2014Mystery
DVD MALTESEThe Maltese Falcon1941Mystery
MURDOCThe Murdoch Mysteries2004Mystery
DVD NIGThe Night Listener2006Mystery
DVD OXFThe Oxford Murders2008Mystery
DVD RIVThe River King2005Mystery
TRUSTThe Trust2016Mystery
DVD USUThe Usual Suspects1995Mystery
DVD WOMThe Woman in the Window1944Mystery
DVD TINTinker Tailor Soldier Spy2011Mystery
DVD TOUTouch of Evil1958Mystery
DVD TRUETrue Story2015Mystery
DVD TWISTEDTwisted2004Mystery
DVD VANVanilla Sky2001Mystery
DVD VERONIC RR*Veronica Mars2014Mystery
DVD VERVertigo1958Mystery
DVD WONWonderland2003Mystery
DVD ZODZodiac2007Mystery
WALK_TA Walk to Remember2002Romance
DVD ABOAbout Time2013Romance
DVD ACRAcross the Universe2007Romance
DVD EDUAn Education2009Romance
DVD ANDAnd So It Goes2014Romance
DVD ANNAnna Karenina2012Romance
DVD ATOAtonement2007Romance
DVD BE MYBe My Valentine2013Romance
DVD BECBecoming Jane2007Romance
BED_OFBed of Roses1996Romance
DVD BEFOREBefore Midnight2013Romance
DVD BEFOREBefore Sunrise1995Romance
DVD BRIBright Star2009Romance
DVD CAICairo Time2009Romance
DVD CAPCaptain Corelli’s Mandolin2001Romance
CHARLICharlie St. Cloud2010Romance
DVD CHECheri2009Romance
DEAR_JDear John2010Romance
DVD EATEat Pray Love2010Romance
DVD FARFar From the Madding Crowd2015Romance
DVD FEAFeast of Love2007Romance
DVD FIFTYFifty Shades of Grey2015Romance
FIFTYFifty Shades Darker2017Romance
FIFTYFifty Shades Darker2017Romance - Blu-ray
DVD LETLetters to Juliet2010Romance
DVD LIKLike Crazy2011Romance
ME_BEF RR*Me Before You2016Romance
DVD MESMessage in a Bottle1999Romance
MR_JONMr. Jones1993Romance
DVD NIGNights in Rodanthe2008Romance
DVD ONEOne Day2011Romance
ONE_SPOne Special Night1999Romance
DVD POSPossession2002Romance
DVD REMRemember Me2010Romance
DVD REVRevolutionary Road2008Romance
DVD SONGSong One2014Romance
DVD AGEThe Age of Adaline2015Romance
DVD BESThe Best of Me2014Romance
CHOICEThe Choice2016Romance
DVD DEEThe Deep Blue Sea2011Romance
LAKE_HThe Lake House2006Romance
STILLStill Waiting...2009Comedy/Humor
BELOVEBeloved/Their Eyes Were Watching God1998/2005Drama
SPACEThe Space Between Us2017Action/Adventure
POWERPower Rangers2017Action/Adventure
POWERPower Rangers2017Action/Adventure - Blu-ray
LIGHTThe Light Between Oceans2016Romance
DVD LONGESTThe Longest Ride2015Romance
MAN_INThe Man in the Moon1991Romance
DVD NOTThe Notebook2004Romance
TIME_TThe Time Traveler’s Wife2009Romance
DVD VOWThe Vow2012Romance
DVD WORThe Words2012Romance
YELLOWThe Yellow Handkerchief2008Romance
THIS_PThis Property is Condemned1966Romance
DVD WAITWaiting For Forever2010Romance
DVD WATWater for Elephants2011Romance
DVD WORWords and Pictures2013Romance
DVD TWO2001: A Space Odyssey1968Science Fiction
DVD TWENTY2010: The Year We Make Contact1984Science Fiction
MONSTEA Monster Calls2016Science Fiction
DVD AI ARTIFICA.I.: Artificial Intelligence2001Science Fiction
AEON_FAeon Flux2005Science Fiction
DVD AFTAfter Earth2013Science Fiction
ALIENAlien: Covenant2017Science Fiction
ALIENAlien: Covenant2017Science Fiction - Blu-ray
DVD ALIENAlien Quadrilogy: Alien/Aliens/Alien3/Alien Resurrection1979/1986/1992/1997Science Fiction
DVD ALIAliens Vs. Predator: Requiem2007Science Fiction
DVD APOApollo 182011Science Fiction
ARRIVAArrival2016Science Fiction
AVATARAvatar2009Science Fiction
AVP_ALAVP: Alien Vs. Predator2004Science Fiction
DVD BATBattle: Los Angeles2011Science Fiction
DVD BLABlade Runner1982Science Fiction
DVD CHIChildren of Dune2003Science Fiction
DVD CHIChildren of Men2006Science Fiction
DVD CIRQUECirque du Freak: The Vampire’s Assistant2009Science Fiction
DVD CIRCirque Du Soleil: World’s Away2012Science Fiction
DVD CLOClose Encounters of the Third Kind1977Science Fiction
DVD CLOCloud Atlas2012Science Fiction
DVD COWCowboys & Aliens2011Science Fiction
DVD DARDark Skies2013Science Fiction
DVD DAWDawn of the Planet of the Apes2014Science Fiction
DVD DESDestroy All Monsters1968Science Fiction
DVD DISDistrict 92009Science Fiction
DVD DIVDivergent2014Science Fiction
DVD DRACULADracula Untold2014Science Fiction
DVD DREDredd2012Science Fiction
DVD DUNDune1984Science Fiction
DVD DUNDungeons & Dragons2000Science Fiction
DVD DUNDungeons & Dragons: Wrath of the Dragon God2005Science Fiction
EDWARDEdward Scissorhands1990Science Fiction
DVD ENDEnder’s Game2013Science Fiction
DVD EX MACHINAEx Machina2015Science Fiction
DVD FAHFahrenheit 4511966Science Fiction
DVD FARFarscape: The Peacekeeper Wars2004Science Fiction
DVD GATTACAGattaca1997Science Fiction
DVD GRAVITY RR*Gravity2013Science Fiction
DVD HOLHollow Man2000Science Fiction
DVD HOLLOW 2Hollow Man 22006Science Fiction
DVD I AMI Am Number Four2011Science Fiction
DVD I FRANKENI, Frankenstein2014Science Fiction
DVD I ROBOTI, Robot2004Science Fiction
DVD INDIndependence Day1996Science Fiction
INDEPEIndependence Day: Resurgence2016Science Fiction
DVD KNOKnowing2009Science Fiction
DVD LOGANSLogan’s Run1976Science Fiction
DVD MAZEMaze Runner: The Scorch Trials2015Science Fiction
DVD MELMelancholia2011Science Fiction
DVD MENMen In Black1997Science Fiction
DVD MEN 3Men in Black 32012Science Fiction
DVD MEN IIMen in Black II2002Science Fiction
DVD MIRMirrormask2005Science Fiction
MISS_PMiss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children2016Science Fiction
DVD MOOMoon2009Science Fiction
KONG_SKong: Skull Island2017Science Fiction
KONG_SKong: Skull Island2017Science Fiction - Blu-ray
DVD PACIFIC RR*Pacific Rim2013Science Fiction
DVD PANPan’s Labyrinth2006Science Fiction
DVD PLANETPlanet of the Apes1968Science Fiction
DVD PLANETPlanet of the Apes2001Science Fiction
DVD PREDESTPredestination2014Science Fiction
DVD PRIPrimer2004Science Fiction
DVD PROJECTProject Almanac2015Science Fiction
DVD PROPrometheus2012Science Fiction
DVD REPRepo Men2010Science Fiction
DVD RISRise of the Planet of the Apes2011Science Fiction
ROGUERogue One2016Science Fiction
SERENISerenity2005Science Fiction
DVD SIGSigns2002Science Fiction
DVD SNOSnowpiercer2013Science Fiction
SOLARISolaris2002Science Fiction
DVD SOUSource Code2011Science Fiction
DVD SPHSphere1998Science Fiction
DVD SPLSplice2009Science Fiction
DVD STAStar Trek1979Science Fiction
DVD STAStar Trek2009Science Fiction
STAR_TStar Trek: Beyond2016Science Fiction
DVD STAStar Trek: Into Darkness2013Science Fiction
DVD STAR IIStar Trek II: The Wrath of Khan1982Science Fiction
DVD STAR III-IVStar Trek III: The Search for Spock/Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home1984/1986Science Fiction
DVD STAR VII-VIIIStar Trek VII: Generations/Star Trek VIII: First Contact1994/1996Science Fiction
DVD STAR IX-XStar Trek IX: Insurrection/Star Trek X: Nemesis1998/2002Science Fiction
DVD STAR V-VIStar Trek V: The Final Frontier/Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country1989/1991Science Fiction
DVD STAStar Wars I: The Phantom Menace1999Science Fiction
DVD STAR IIStar Wars II: Attack of the Clones2002Science Fiction
DVD STAR IIIStar Wars III: Revenge of the Sith2005Science Fiction
DVD STAR IVStar Wars IV: A New Hope1977Science Fiction
DVD STAR VStar Wars V: The Empire Strikes Back1980Science Fiction
DVD STAR VIStar Wars VI: Return of the Jedi1983Science Fiction
DVD STAR VIIStar Wars VII: The Force Awakens2015Science Fiction
DVD STAStardust2007Science Fiction
STARGAStargate1994Science Fiction
DVD STAStargate: The Ark of Truth2008Science Fiction
DVD STAStarship Troopers1997Science Fiction
BITTERBitter Harvest2017Drama
DVD SUNSunshine2007Science Fiction
DVD SUPSuper 82011Science Fiction
DVD ABYThe Abyss1989Science Fiction
DVD BUTTERFThe Butterfly Effect2004Science Fiction
DVD DARThe Darkest Hour2011Science Fiction
DVD DAYThe Day the Earth Stood Still1951Science Fiction
DIVERGThe Divergent Series: Allegiant2016Science Fiction
DVD DIVERGEThe Divergent Series: Insurgent2015Science Fiction
DVD FIFTHThe Fifth Element1997Science Fiction
DVD FOUThe Fountain2006Science Fiction
DVD GIVThe Giver2014Science Fiction
DVD HAPThe Happening2008Science Fiction
DVD HITThe Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy2005Science Fiction
DVD HOBThe Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey2012Science Fiction
DVD HOBBIT RR*The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies2014Science Fiction
DVD HOBBIT RR*The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug2013Science Fiction
DVD HOSThe Host2013Science Fiction
DVD INVThe Invasion2007Science Fiction
LORD_OThe Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring2001Science Fiction
DVD LORThe Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King2003Science Fiction
DVD LORThe Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers2002Science Fiction
DVD LOVThe Lovely Bones2009Science Fiction
DVD MAZThe Maze Runner2014Science Fiction
DVD SIGThe Signal2014Science Fiction
DVD TIMThe Time Machine1960Science Fiction
DVD TROTron1982Science Fiction
DVD TWILIGHTwilight Zone: The Movie1983Science Fiction
DVD VICTORVictor Frankenstein2015Science Fiction
DVD WARWar of the Worlds2005Science Fiction
DVD WINTERS RR*Winter’s Tale2014Science Fiction
DVD ZARZardoz1974Science Fiction
DVD METROPOMetropolis1927Silent Film
DVD NOSFERANosferatu: A Symphony of Horror1922Silent Film
DVD GENERALThe General1926Silent Film
DVD GOLThe Gold Rush1925Silent Film
DVD PASSIONThe Passion of Joan of Arc1928Silent Film
DVD THR3:10 to Yuma1957Western
DVD THR3:10 to Yuma2007Western
DVD AMERICAAmerican Outlaws2001Western
DVD ANGAngel & the Badman/John Wayne on Film1947/1998Western
DVD BIGBig Jake1971Western
DVD BROBroken Trail2006Western
DVD BUTButch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid1969Western
DVD DJADjango Unchained2012Western
DVD DOWDown in the Valley2005Western
DVD EL DORADOEl Dorado1966Western
FOR_AFor a Few Dollars More1965Western
HELL_OHell or High Water2016Western
DVD HIGHigh Noon1952Western
DVD HONHondo1953Western
DVD HOWHow the West Was Won1962Western
DVD JANEJane Got a Gun2016Western
DVD JEREMIAJeremiah Johnson1972Western
DVD PAINTEDLassie in The Painted Hills1951Western
DVD LOVLove Takes Wing2009Western
DVD LOVLove’s Enduring Promise2004Western
DVD LOVLove’s Everlasting Courage2011Western
DVD MEEMeek’s Cutoff2010Western
DVD OPEOpen Range2003Western
DVD PHAPharaoh’s Army1995Western
DVD QUIQuigley Down Under1990Western
DVD ROORooster Cogburn and the Lady1975Western
DVD SERSeraphim Falls2006Western
DVD SHAShane1953Western
DVD SHENANDShenandoah1965Western
DVD STAGECOStagecoach1939Western
DVD BEST 1The Best of Roy Rogers, Volume 11939/1939/1940/1940Western
DVD BEST 2The Best of Roy Rogers, Volume 21949/1941/1945/1948Western
DVD HATEFULThe Hateful Eight2015Western
DVD HOMThe Homesman2014Western
DVD LONThe Lone Ranger2013Western
DVD LUCThe Lucky Texan/The Desert Trail1934/1935Western
DVD MAGThe Magnificent Seven1960Western
MAGNIFThe Magnificent Seven2016Western
OUTLAWThe Outlaw Josey Wales1976Western
DVD PROThe Proposition2005Western
DVD QUIThe Quick and the Dead1995Western
DVD SACThe Sacketts1979Western
SEARCHThe Searchers1956Western
DVD STAThe Star Packer/Blue Steel1934/1934Western
DVD TOMBSTOTombstone1993Western
DVD TRUTrue Grit1969Western
DVD TRUTrue Grit2010Western
DVD UNFUnforgiven1992Western
DVD ZORZorro Rides Again1937Western
DVD ZORZorro’s Black Whip1944Western
BATMAN RR*Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice2016Action/Adventure - Blu-ray
CAPTAICaptain America: Civil War2016Action/Adventure - Blu-ray
DEADPODeadpool2016Action/Adventure - Blu-ray
DEEPWADeepwater Horizon2016Action/Adventure - Blu-ray
DOCTORDoctor Strange2016Action/Adventure - Blu-ray
FANTAS RR*Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them2016Action/Adventure - Blu-ray
FREE_SFree State of Jones2016Action/Adventure - Blu-ray
INFERNInferno2016Action/Adventure - Blu-ray
JACK_RJack Reacher: Never Go Back2016Action/Adventure - Blu-ray
JASONJason Bourne2016Action/Adventure - Blu-ray
LONDONLondon Has Fallen2016Action/Adventure - Blu-ray
AVENGEMarvel’s The Avengers2012Action/Adventure - Blu-ray
PASSENPassengers2016Action/Adventure - Blu-ray
SUICIDSuicide Squad2016Action/Adventure - Blu-ray
ACCOUN RR*The Accountant2016Action/Adventure - Blu-ray
HUNTSMThe Huntsman: Winter’s War2016Action/Adventure - Blu-ray
LEGENDThe Legend of Tarzan2016Action/Adventure - Blu-ray
WARCRAWarcraft2016Action/Adventure - Blu-ray
ZOOKEEThe Zookeeper's Wife2017Drama
WE_WERWe Were Soldiers2002Action/Adventure - Blu-ray
X-MENX-men: Apocalypse2016Action/Adventure - Blu-ray
NOW_YO 2Now You See Me 22016Action/Adventure - Blu-ray
MISSIOMission: Impossible. The 5 Movie Collection: Mission: Impossible/M:i-2/M:i:III/Mission: Impossible: Ghost Protocol/Mission: Impossible: Rogue Nation1996/2000/2006/2011/2015Action/Adventure - Blu-ray
TWENTY20122009Action/Adventure - Blu-ray
SAUSAGSausage Party2016Animated - Blu-ray
TWENTI20th Century Women2016Comedy/Humor - Blu-ray
ALLIEDAllied2016Drama - Blu-ray
AMERICAmerican Pastoral2016Drama - Blu-ray
COLLAT RR*Collateral Beauty2016Drama - Blu-ray
FENCESFences2016Drama - Blu-ray
HACKSAHacksaw Ridge2016Drama - Blu-ray
HIDDENHidden Figures2016Drama - Blu-ray
HIGH_CHigh Crimes2002Drama - Blu-ray
INDIGNIndignation2016Drama - Blu-ray
JACKIEJackie2016Drama - Blu-ray
LIONLion2016Drama - Blu-ray
LOVINGLoving2016Drama - Blu-ray
MANCHEManchester by the Sea2016Drama - Blu-ray
MIRACLMiracles From Heaven2016Drama - Blu-ray
MEGANMegan Leavey2017Drama
MONEYMoney Monster2016Drama - Blu-ray
MONSTEMonster’s Ball2001Drama - Blu-ray
MOONLIMoonlight2016Drama - Blu-ray
NOCTURNocturnal Animals2016Drama - Blu-ray
ORIGINOriginal Sin2001Drama - Blu-ray
OUR_KIOur Kind of Traitor2016Drama - Blu-ray
PATRIOPatriots Day2016Drama - Blu-ray
ROAD_TRoad to Perdition2002Drama - Blu-ray
SNOWDESnowden2016Drama - Blu-ray
SULLYSully2016Drama - Blu-ray
BIG_SHThe Big Short2015Drama - Blu-ray
FOUNDEThe Founder2016Drama - Blu-ray
MAN_CAA Man Called Ove2015Foreign Film - Blu-ray
SHALLOThe Shallows2016Horror - Blu-ray
THINGThe Thing1982Horror - Blu-ray
HOLOGRA Hologram for the King2016Comedy/Humor - Blu-ray
BAD_MOBad Moms2016Comedy/Humor - Blu-ray
BRIDGEBridget Jones’s Baby2016Comedy/Humor - Blu-ray
CAPTAICaptain Fantastic2016Comedy/Humor - Blu-ray
CENTRACentral Intelligence2016Comedy/Humor - Blu-ray
FLORENFlorence Foster Jenkins2016Comedy/Humor - Blu-ray
GHOSTBGhostbusters2016Comedy/Humor - Blu-ray
HAIL_CHail, Caesar!2016Comedy/Humor - Blu-ray
HELLOHello, My Name is Doris2015Comedy/Humor - Blu-ray
IDENTIIdentity Thief2013Comedy/Humor - Blu-ray
KEANU RR*Keanu2016Comedy/Humor - Blu-ray
MOTHERMother’s Day2016Comedy/Humor - Blu-ray
OFFICEOffice Christmas Party2016Comedy/Humor - Blu-ray
BOSSThe Boss2016Comedy/Humor - Blu-ray
NICE_G RR*The Nice Guys2016Comedy/Humor - Blu-ray
WAR_DO RR*War Dogs2016Comedy/Humor - Blu-ray
WHISKEWhiskey Tango Foxtrot2016Comedy/Humor - Blu-ray
WHY_HIWhy Him?2016Comedy/Humor - Blu-ray
YOUNGYoung Frankenstein1974Comedy/Humor - Blu-ray
MY_BIG 2My Big Fat Greek Wedding 22016Comedy/Humor - Blu-ray
NEIGHB 2Neighbors 22016Comedy/Humor - Blu-ray
GHOSTB 1-2Ghostbusters 1 & 21984/1989Comedy/Humor - Blu-ray
LA_LALa La Land2016Musicals - Blu-ray
MULHOLMulholland Dr.2001Mystery - Blu-ray
DEEP_EThe Deep End2001Mystery - Blu-ray
GIRL_OThe Girl on the Train2016Mystery - Blu-ray
ME_BEF RR*Me Before You2016Romance - Blu-ray
A_I_ARA.I.: Artificial Intelligence2001Science Fiction - Blu-ray
ARRIVAArrival2016Science Fiction - Blu-ray
INDEPEIndependence Day: Resurgence2016Science Fiction - Blu-ray
MISS_PMiss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children2016Science Fiction - Blu-ray
ROUGERouge One2016Science Fiction - Blu-ray
STAR_TStar Trek: Beyond2016Science Fiction - Blu-ray
DIVERGThe Divergent Series: Allegiant2016Science Fiction - Blu-ray
CITY_LCity Lights1931Silent Film - Blu-ray
SUNRISSunrise1927Silent Film - Blu-ray
HELL_OHell or High Water2016Western - Blu-ray
MAGNIFThe Magnificent Seven2016Western - Blu-ray