About Us

Oak Creek Public Library is dedicated to supporting the educational, civic, and cultural activities of individuals, groups, and organizations within the Oak Creek community. It is also dedicated to providing the opportunity for recreation through the use of literature, music, media, and other art forms.

The Oak Creek Public Library isn’t just a place for books. It is a place for people of all ages and backgrounds to gather and grow together.

History of the Oak Creek Public Library

7/1967Community Need Study resulted in a proposal for establishment of a public library.
3/1969The Friends of the Oak Creek Public Library was formed.
1970Money was budgeted for construction and Zarse and Zarse, Inc. were approved as the architects.
1971Specifications were completed on the building.
10/4/1971Ground-breaking ceremony took place.
11/6/1972Grand opening of the Oak Creek Public Library.
4/2012Common Council voted to build a new Library and City Hall on the site of the former Delphi Manufacturing Plant. Bray Architects was selected to design the building.
5/10/2014Groundbreaking Ceremony of the new Oak Creek Library, City Hall and Fire Station!
10/9/2015Last day at old library location (8620 S. Howell Ave.).
10/19/2015Opening of the new joint Library and City Hall location – the Oak Creek Civic Center (8040 S. 6th Street - Drexel Town Square).
12/12/2015Grand opening of the Oak Creek Civic Center.